Why Hollywood Won’t Cast David Schwimmer Anymore

But while the actor seemed ready to take on the world when the pop culture phenomenon ended its ten-season run in 2004, his fame hasn’t sky-rocketed as fans had once expected.

Schwimmer has gone through quite a lot over the years — and, unfortunately, all of the drama has made a permanent mark on his livelihood. But could Schwimmer reconstruct his reputation? Well, let us first answer the question on everybody’s minds: Why won’t Hollywood cast David Schwimmer anymore?

Even from an early age, however, Schwimmer showed a penchant for acting by appearing in school plays. The young performer then decided to hone his budding skills by majoring in theater and speech at Northwestern University in Illinois.

Furthermore, it wasn’t long after Schwimmer’s graduation from university that he decided to form his very own enterprise: the Lookingglass Theatre Company. Perhaps in an effort to branch out beyond the stage, though, the aspiring star began to look for other parts on TV and in the movies.

And Schwimmer made some sacrifices to develop into a bona fide celebrity, frequently scraping by with very little benefit. Subsequently, in 1989, he had a little breakthrough when he had been cast from the television movie A Deadly Silence. What is more, with time, other acting gigs started to fill his resumé.

In the early ’90s, for example, Schwimmer appeared in shows such as L.A. Law, The Wonder Years and NYPD Blue. He also bolstered his public profile on the big screen with roles in smaller films such as Crossing the Bridge, Twenty Bucks and The Waiter.

And it appeared as if all Schwimmer’s hard work and dedication to his craft had eventually paid off when he had been cast at a sitcom starring none aside from Happy Days legend Henry Winkler. Regrettably, however, Monty was canceled after only six episodes — unceremoniously sending Schwimmer back to square one .

In 1994, however, Schwimmer got his big break. After auditioning for the role of Ross Geller in Friends, he procured the role and his portrayal of this goofy paleontologist would acquire the celebrity fans throughout the world. Schwimmer’s turn into the hot sitcom would also make him an Emmy Award nomination for his attempts.

And Schwimmer’s Friends success seemed to pave the way for appearances in other projects, such as 1996’s The Pallbearer, 1997’s Breast Men and 1998’s Kissing a Fool. However, the actor’s role as Geller remained arguably his most enduring part, right up until the Friends finale in 2004.

Actually, Schwimmer stays practically synonymous with Geller for this day. And maybe that is partly down to the celebrity’s absence from TV and film screens lately; as a consequence, he hasn’t had the opportunity to become famous in a different huge function. There is a couple of reasons why Schwimmer has apparently vanished from Hollywood, nevertheless…

To start with, the typecasting that occasionally is accompanied by an iconic television function also seemingly applied to Schwimmer later Friends had wrapped up. Really, the celebrity has since revealed on how his stint on the sitcom might have ultimately hindered his odds of landing more diverse pieces.

In 2016 Schwimmer told The Hollywood Reporter, for example,”There is less of a barrier [to getting to know that a TV celebrity ] than there is with, say, a huge film star. You see them in this kind of a room with a lot of different people on a huge screen. And you also see their role varies in each film, for the large part.”

Schwimmer went on, “[Movie stars are] very different people in very different situations, whereas in our show I’m the same guy for ten years. You can rely on me to be a certain way, and you know me – or you think you know me.” Perhaps, then, Schwimmer’s reputation preceded him – for better or for worse.

It could be reasonable to say, however, that Schwimmer includes a larger acting range compared to Ross Geller indicates. The celebrity’s no-nonsense portrayal as Captain Herbert Sobel at Band of Brothers,” as an instance, arguably shows his true skills as a celebrity — so, too, does his self indulgent functionality in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Perhaps Schwimmer’s greatest chance to shine outside of Friends, though, came in 2005 drama Duane Hopwood. And, indeed, the film sees Schwimmer deliver a riveting performance as a father trying to overcome alcoholism and to cope with divorce and a custodial battle for his two children. But despite receiving plaudits from the likes of Roger Ebert, the movie didn’t garner much of an audience.

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