15 Pictures That Remind Us Of Just How Hilariously Ugly Homes Were In The 70s

The 70s were a pretty amazing decade for all kinds of things, but home decor is probably not one of them. Seriously, just look at how awful these places look.

And we thought grunge in the 90s had a ton of plaid

I call it “lumberjack chic”

A puke-yellow princess bed? Why not!

Gotta love the cobblestone wall

Nothing quite says “the 70s” like teal everything

Man, those chairs

Seriously, just look at the rest of these…

All the orange stripes. All of them.

Dark hardwood and bright tile. Because of course.

Two words: Shag. Carpeting.

A tropical paradise in the comfort of your living room!

A lips-shaped couch

Seriously, what was with all the wall stripes?

Furniture that looks like Lego

Of course you need the Farrah Fawcett poster

What even is this?

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