10 Reasons Pajamas In The 90s Were The Best Thing In The Universe

I think we can all agree that the 90s were a pretty awesome time. Between the TV shows, the movies, and all the epic music, there was no shortage when it came to quality products.

Even if we can’t agree on the best of the media world, there is something that all of us can agree on: 90s pajamas are the best thing to have ever existed.

There has never been a time in your life that you were more comfy or cozy, which was great because you probably spent a lot of time in those PJs, right?

Whether you were hitting up a sleepover, or watching Saturday morning cartoons, pajamas were basically part of the dress code. I mean, if you aren’t going to watch Bug’s Bunny while you wore PJs, what was the point of being awake?

Honestly, there were so many great things about our 90s PJs.

First of all, some of them were like wearing a big fleece trash bag. Sure they technically had leg holes, but if you could actually see them they probably were not your favorite.

You could get matching sets with your sibling to feel extra special.

Chances are you owned at least one pajama set with the matching tops and bottoms.

They were so comfy you could fall asleep anywhere. Literally.

I’m not kidding, they were so comfy that our parents didn’t even need to put us to bed, just let us sleep on the floor, we’ll be fine.

They were the perfect outfit to wear when you wanted to build a little nest on the floor with your dolls and watch a movie.

When I said they were the best outfit to watch cartoons in, I wasn’t kidding.

There is nothing comfier than an old-school fleece one piece.

Except maybe the classic sweatshirt/sweatpants combo that defined the 90s.

I’m sure they still make comfy pajamas for kids now, and I know there are comfy PJs for adults too, but it’s just never going to be as carefree as we once were.

Who else misses their 90s PJs?

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