Krispy Kreme Launches It’s Own Ice Kreme That Tastes Like Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme is undoubtably the world’s biggest doughnut brand and arguably the best. They’re pretty incredible aren’t they? Whether you’re picking up an original glazed, strawberry gloss or treating yourself to the greatest of all, the chocolate custard, Krispy Kreme pretty much has a flavour for any occasion and is there for you when other doughnut chains, simply are not.

Well the geniuses at Krispy Kreme have just released the best news you could possibly wish for, and they’re bringing out their very own Ice Kreme that ‘tastes exactly like’  their original glaze flavour. I’ll be honest, it does sound like one of those April Fools Day pranks that these sort of brands come out with on social media, but thankfully this is absolutely legit.

Has this news just made anyone else’s day?

According to the Krispy Kreme website, you can ‘choose your Ice Kreme your way, drizzled with caramel or chocolate sauce, plus an option for a sprinkle of shortbread crumb’ and even gives you the chance to upgrade massively by adding 2 of their doughnut bites or, you can try the Ice Kreme on one of their original glazed doughnuts…yum!

The original glazed Ice Kreme is in shops already and the price is an absolute steal at only £1.95. Plus, if you’re feeling fancy, it’ll cost you an extra £1 for the doughnut bites and the Ice Kreme on top of the doughnuts will only cost £3.50.

The only downside is that the Ice Kreme will currently only be sold in selected stores.

The full list of stores includes: Bluewater, Braehead, Bristol Avonmeads, Edinburgh Hermiston Gait, Enfield, Gateshead, Leeds Birstall, Manchester Trafford, Peterborough, Shannon Corner,  Slough, Milton Keynes, Meadowhall, Southampton, Cardiff and Windsor.

So on your way home tonight, go and check in to see if your local Krispy Kreme shop is stocking this glorious invention.

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