Kopparberg Now Do A Pink Gin That Tastes Of Strawberries and Lime

There’s nothing better than sipping on a fruity Kopparberg in the sunshine. Especially given the amount of flavours that are now on offer.

Who else can remember the days where cider meant a simple fizzy apple? Now you can get all types of different flavours; from strawberry and lime to mixed fruit, with even an elderflower and lime edition on the market.

The rise in the popularity of gin has also seen us partake in a whole host of flavours that you wouldn’t expect to taste, let alone enjoy. Well, thanks to Kopparberg, we can now expect to enjoy a brand new drink that will satisfy your cider and gin needs.

Yes, Koppaberg are set to release a pink gin that tastes like their famous strawberries and lime cider.

You will be able to order the London-dry style gin will be available from May 6 at over 700 Greene King pubs across the UK and will start to hit the  supermarkets from 22nd May and will cost £22 for a 70cl bottle, which is pretty reasonable.

Koppaberg employee, Rob Slavesman, said  “We are extremely excited to be bringing our new Premium Gin to the UK. Kopparberg is famous for flavour and we’ve worked hard to create a pink gin in the iconic Kopparberg flavour of strawberry and lime, that we know the nation loves”.

Slavesman also added that he hopes the premium gin will go down a hit this summer by saying “We look forward to seeing pink gin fans across the country spend many sunsets making memories with friends this summer with a glass of Kopparberg Premium Gin”.

Given that gin has now overtaken vodka as the nation’s favourite spirit, according to a recent YouGov poll, we are sure that Koppaberg’s first venture into the gin market will be a huge success, especially if it tastes as great as their strawberry and lime cider. A word of warning though, the gin will have an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 37.5 per cent, so make sure you drink responsibly.

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