Kansas Police Urging People To Not Shoot Their Guns At Tornadoes

Police officers in Kansas have appealed to residents on Twitter not to shoot their guns at tornadoes after a series of dangerous incidents came to light.

In the past, it was thought that a tornado could possibly be disrupted if it was targeted with explosive weaponry. It was suggested that a cannon, a rocket or a missile fired into the center of the tornado funnel could cause enough disruption in the waves of wind to make the entire tornado dissipate.

This theory was never actually put to the test as it was thought that it would be far too dangerous. Given the nature of the experiment, it could not be tested under controlled conditions and instead the scientists would have to wait around for a tornado to happen before targeting it with a missile. A further concern was that the use of such a destructive weapon might well cause more damage than the tornado itself even if the idea did prove to be correct.

Now it appears that certain Americans have decided to test the idea out for themselves by targeting tornados with their personal shotguns, something which has been branded as incredibly dangerous by the authorities in the state of Kansas. There is nothing to suggest that a shot from a typical shotgun or handgun would be powerful enough to dissipate a tornado and there could be further dangers associated with these attempts.

Coming close to a tornado is always dangerous as it expresses large objects which it has picked up in its cycle meaning that there is always a danger of death or serious injury. The shooter may also find it very hard to shoot accurately in such extreme weather conditions and may accidentally shoot themselves or an innocent bystander. There is also the chance that the tornado might absorb the gun into its funnel which may cause it to fire from a great height which could naturally be an incredibly dangerous situation.


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