“Influencer” Wants To Eat An Octopus Alive – And Has To Suffer Terribly

What’s on the table is eaten unless it bites you first.

In China, a Vlogger had to make this rather painful experience. An influencer named “Seaside Girl Little Seven” recently wanted to eat a live octopus in a live video on the short video platform Kuaishou.

The culinary idea, which was quite ambitious, promptly went into the pants, or rather into the face. Because the marine animal had no desire to be plastered – and threw itself on the face of the influencer.

There the octopus quickly sucked the young woman’s tentacles so tightly that she could only release them with the greatest of effort. Everything while her fans watched live.

If you have strong nerves, watch this

The battle between animals and humans is only 50 seconds long but has already caused a stir in China. In the video, you can see how the young woman slowly panics when she realizes that the animal doesn’t want to separate itself from her.

It is only by force that she finally manages to snatch the octopus from her. The animal left a small injury on the young woman’s face. And what happened to the octopus?

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