Tesla: “Everything Is Electricity. I Wanted to Illuminate the Whole Earth!”

Nikola Tesla actually had an interview with a journalist John Smith in 1899. Here is  what he said in the interview:

He didn’t accomplish the greatest thing he could. Tesla wanted to illuminate the whole earth. In addition, there was enough electricity to become a second sun. Moreover, light was the music and he was part of the light.

He created a Ball Lightning that could be heard on the Himalayas̓ icy peaks. In case Albert Einstein had heard all these sounds, then he wouldn’t have created the theory of relativity. This music was the eternal cycle of stellar heavens. Newton found that the supreme law of harmony exists in the Universe.

Albert Einstein, in his theory of relativity, explained that 2 parallel lines would meet in infinity.

According to Tesla, Angel adapted on the Earth under 10 conditions.

The 1st requirement was a high awareness of its mission as well as work to be done. Furthermore, the 2nd condition was determination. The 3rd condition of adjustment was guidance for all the spiritual and vital energies in labor. The 4th requirement was to adjust the physical assembly with a work. Man’s body was a perfect machine. Food what people consumed was dangerous and harmful. Bloodstream could be controlled, and a number of processes in and around us.

Despite food, dream also played a role in adjusting the physical circuit. From a long work that required superhuman effort, after 60 minutes of sleep you would be completely recovered.

The 5th condition of adjustment is memory. In almost all people, the brain was a keeper of knowledge about the world as well as the knowledge gained through the life. Nikola Tesla’s brain was engaged in more significant things than remembering. Namely, it was picking what is required at any given time. Anything that we once learn, read, hear and saw could accompany us in the form of light particles. In fact, these particles were faithful and obedient to him.

All his inventions may be attributed to visualization. In addition the events of his life as well as his inventions were real in front of his eyes. When he was young, he was frightened of not knowing what it is. However, later he learned to use this power as an extraordinary gift and talent. Also, he made certain corrections by visualization on most of his inventions. He also finished them that way. Plus, he mentally solved complex mathematical equations by visualization.

His hearing and eyesight were stronger compared to the hearing and eyesight of others. He could see colors in the sky that other people couldn’t see. He could also hear the thunder of about a hundred fifty miles away. He had this enlargement of hearing and vision even as a child.

When he was young, he was seriously ill a few times. It was often due to a lack of vital force or exhaustion, as well as the purification of body and mind from the toxins. According to Tesla, it is necessary that people suffer occasionally. The root cause of almost all diseases is in the spirit. So, the spirit may treat almost all diseases.

The 7th adjustment is the knowledge of how the vital and mental energies transform into what we want, as well as achieve control over feelings. It is called Kundalini Yoga. This knowledge is acquired by birth or can be learned for many years. The most of them he actually acquired by birth.

The 9th adjustment is that we should do anything in order to avoid forgetting why we are on Earth and who we are.

The 10th adaptation is that he played the whole of his life. He wanted to play with electricity. He often cringed when he heard about the one also the Greek that stole fire.

Additionally, according to Tesla, life is a rhythm, which should be understood. Anything that lives is associated with a deep and amazing relationship: the sun and amoebas’, the stars and man, and the circulation of many worlds and the heart. These bonds are actually unbreakable. However, they could be tame and start creating new and different relationships in the world.

Furthermore, knowledge actually comes from space. People have 2 eyes: the spiritual and earthly. Specifically, stone is a sentient and thinking being, like a man, plant, and beast. In case we aren’t a sizeable self-absorbed, we may understand its message and language.

In his experience and feeling, the Universe had only 1 supreme energy and 1 substance with numerous manifestations of life.

What’s more, according to Tesla, everything is Electricity. In addition, first was the light, limitless source from which points out material and distribute it in various forms, which represent the Earth and the Universe with all its aspects of life. Moreover, black is actually the real face of Light, even though we don’t see this. Namely, it is incredible grace to man and other creatures. One of its particles has mechanical, chemical, radiation, nuclear, thermal, light, and an unidentified energy.

It can run the Earth with its orbit. It is real Archimedean lever.

Simply imagine a gardener that is attacked by herbs. The brain and body of a man are made from a great amount of energy. The energy that is different in anyone is what makes the human “soul” or “I”. “Soul” of the plant is the “soul” of animals and minerals for other creatures to their essence.

Death and brain function are manifested in light. When he was young, his eyes were black, then blue, and eventually closer to white. White is actually the color of heaven.

He also explained that lightning, flames, light or flashes are a warning to be alert or psychic discharge. He claimed that the light was always on his side. He discovered the induction motor and rotating magnetic field that made him became famous when he was 26. A summer evening in Budapest, he watched with his friend Sigetijem sunset.

In fact, thousands of fire turned around in many different flaming colors. Then, he saw induction motor, and spinning magnetic field in the sun.

That’s not all, he could also talk with thunder and lightning in his native language. He noted that the sound doesn’t exist only in the lightning and thunder, but, in transformation into the color and brightness. He added that a color could be heard. Language is composed of the words, meaning that it is composed of colors and sounds. Each lightning and thunder is different and has a different name.

When it comes to poetry and science, Tesla explained that these are the 2 eyes of 1 person. Additionally, imagination gives birth to the life. He fed by his taught; he learned to control visions, emotions, and dreams. All his life he spent in ecstasy. It was actually the source of his happiness. This helped him during his life to bear with work that was enough for the 5 lives.

He also noted that everything is light. In one its ray is actually the fate of nations. Nations have their own ray in what great light source we view as the sun. Also, anyone didn’t die, but they transformed into the light, and still exist. The light particles could restore their original state. It is actually the return to a previous energy, also referred to as the resurrection.

Christ and a few others knew the secret. Tesla searched how to preserve human energy. He didn’t look for it for his own sake, but for the good of others. He believed that his discoveries could make people’s lives more bearable and easier, as well as channel them to mortality and spirituality.

Source: dailyoccupation.com

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