People Who Post Their Fitness Activity on Facebook Experience Psychological Problems!

Even though this title might seem like humor or conjecture, there is actual evidence that suggests that those who post “workout photos” on their social media accounts experience psychological problems.

You probably have at least 1 friend that posts “workout photos” on Facebook or other social media accounts. Furthermore, photos with poses, which reveal the progress in the gym, are actually familiar for many.

According to Dr. Tara Marshall, a psychology lecturer, posting this type of status updates may reflect the personality traits of people. In case the images also contain provocative or evocative poses, it is actually reasonable to read into these. In addition, research carried out at Brunel University showed that those who post such updates on their social media accounts could be narcissists. That’s not all, the researchers concluded that the primary motive of these people is their need for validation and motivation from the Facebook community.

It is a fact that these posts tend to receive the highest quantity of “reactions” and “likes.” Dr. Marshall also claims that although their Facebook friends may offer support, they may secretly dislike such egotistical displays. In case you “like” this type of updates, you could refute or confirm said insight for yourself. However, in case you post this type of updates yourself, then this may make you wonder.

Moreover, the survey measured narcissism, self-esteem, conscientiousness, agreeableness, openness, neuroticism, and extroversion. The results showed that posts about a current romantic partner suggested that the individual posting had low self-esteem, posts about children suggested conscientiousness, and posts about exercise and diet meant genuine narcissism: the strong need for validation and attention.

This means that you should think about what you are about to post on social media as well as think about why you are about to post it prior to doing so.

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