He Is the Smartest Child on the Earth and He Claims that CERN Destroyed Our Universe!

There is no doubt that our universe is a complex place. Are you familiar with the fact that there are about 500 billion planets in the Milky Way, 9 million known species of life on Earth, and trillion galaxies?

The scientific discoveries always take us by surprise at the grandeur of the universe. They are actually beyond our perception, something that we cannot imagine. Scientists are constantly discovering more and more complex things. Specifically, they prove complex theories like that of superhuman abilities, free energy, quantum entanglement, alternate realities, singularity, and parallel universes.

All these are complex theories that most people fail to understand. That’s why we can never expect a kid to understand such complex theories.

However, Max Loughan isn’t a typical thirteen year old boy. Max has actually turned the boiler room in the home of his parents into a laboratory, where he invents incredible things.

He is a genius. Perhaps, he is the smartest child on the Earth. At the age of thirteen, when other children are probably learning riding bicycle, Max developed a Free Energy Device. It is something that may power the entire world for free. In addition, his innovation addressed the omnipresent problem of energy. He found an excellent method to capture the ‘free energy’, which floats around in our universe. In other words, it is an energy harvesting device, which may provide energy to some of the most desolate places on the Earth. Max became famous all over the world for his magnificent ideas as well as points of view on fascinating subjects such as the nature of The Universe and Alternate Realities.

What’s more, Max also has an impressive theory that CERN scientists destroyed our Universe. He also claims that we are currently living in another Universe. Moreover, he believes that the Mandela Effect is a result of that.

He explains in the video below that it is a result of CERN scientists that destroyed our Universe. In short, the Mandela effect is the concept that the main reason we recall certain things in a different way is as we find ourselves in another universe. So, there are some minor differences, like in our universe Nelson Mandela passed away in person, while in the new universe Mandela was freed by Bono. That’s how the theory actually gets its name.

Check out the video below for more details:

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