Man Spray Paints Penises on Potholes to Get Town to Finally Fix Them

Occasionally to get things done you have got to whip it out and put it right on the table for everybody to see. Or, in this example, the road. He was tired of all of the dumb potholes that the town has been dragging its feet of fixing for almost two years to mend, so he took action and did exactly what was required for action to be taken. A dumb — however far from unworthy — gesture.

The guy drew dicks all over the potholes. That’s what he did. That’s all he did. And it worked.


The potholes were filled in a short time later, and though Wanksy’s art was also removed, it will live on in the hearts of a grateful public (and a grateful internet in a constant and desperate need for content).

This is a pretty ingenius way to get the government to act. America’s infrastructure is in a fair amount of disrepair. Especially our bridges. Every highway that needs to be fixed, and every bridge that’s about to crumble, need to be covered in big, veiny, meaty, hairy, angry lookin’ lap hogs until they’re fixed. Same with any dead trees that need to be removed, buildings in need of repair or demolotion, ponytails on me. Draw dicks all over all of them until the problem is fixed.

Sadly this won’t work for every personal civic problem. You can’t just go around painting wieners on politicians you don’t like, much as we all wish we could. Nor can an unjust speeding ticket be cocked away with a sharpie.

But hey, if there’s something that needs painting or paving in your area, you know what to do.

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