20 Times That Teachers Deserved Extra Credit

With the school year coming to an end in most states, students, parents, and teachers are rejoicing because they made it through yet another year. Teachers are oftentimes unrecognized for their dedication, skills, and lots of patience. They work long days to help raise kids, teach them morals, and educate them to push to reach higher levels. Teachers, in my opinion, are an important part of the core of our society. Without them, our world would be far worse. Looking back, I am sure all of us have that one teacher that made a difference in your life. Maybe it was her faith in you to never give up, or maybe it was their sense of humor to make school just a little bit fun. Whatever the case may be, be sure to thank a teacher. They deserve it. The following are examples of how some teachers go above and beyond to try to make school enjoyable for their students.

1. This teacher is nothing short of amazing.

2. That will get the students attention.

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