A Lego Themed Bar Is Coming To Florida And You Can’t ‘Lego’ Of The Opportunity To See It

You’ve likely learned about Legoland near Orlando, however, a brand new Lego-themed encounter for adults will be arriving shortly. The Brick Bars, a Lego-themed pub, will take over Miami this upcoming fall season.

This pop-up pub is created completely from toy bricks and blocks. In the walls into the ceilings, literally, everything is covered with in Lego bricks such as couches, chairs, swings and a champagne fountain. The Brick Bars was a hit at Melbourne, Australia but now’s likely to shoot over 15 cities in the U.S. such as Pittsburgh, Nyc, Cleveland, LA and much more.

The adult playground will be transformed into a nostalgic experience with over 1 million colorful bricks. There will be an abundance of blocks for people to shape into their own creations, and the best builders will win prizes. You will also get to enjoy Lego-themed food and drinks.

Expect to see a life-sized bridge at this pop-up and the most creative atmosphere. Even though The Brick Bars uses Lego bricks it is not associated with the Lego company. The tickets for New York City have a secret location and it will probably be released to the public closer to the date.

The pop-up bar will be held from October 18th through October 20th. Tickets are expected to cost $25 and you need to sign-up here for pre-release tickets. Every guest will have 90 minutes inside the bar to enjoy the activities.

Location for The Brick Bars has not been announced yet.

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