The Forbidden Stairway To Heaven Hike In Hawaii Is Totally Illegal But People Still Hike It

If you have ever visited Hawaii or even dreamed of Hawaii, you imagine the beautiful ocean waterscompletely illegal hiking trail known as the Haiku Stairs. The stairs were formed in 1942 for the U.S. Navy for the Haʻikū Radio Station, a top-secret facility that was to be used to transmit radio signals to the Navy ships that were then operating throughout the Pacific. In order to obtain the necessary height for the antennae, the Navy created the stairs across Haiku valley, a natural amphitheater surrounded by high ridges. In total, there are 4,000 steps to reach the top of this stairway to heaven.

The incredible staircase reaches a peak of nearly 3,000 feet.

It is forbidden by the Hawaiian government for civilians to use the stairs, due to liability issues and land access problems

Even with all the restrictions, it doesn’t stop the thrill seekers. They say it’s worth the risk of being arrested.

There are even parts of the hike where you are far above the clouds.

Over Valentine’s Day weekend this year, a terrible storm came and damaged the stairs even more.

While the narrow and steep steps were considered treacherous before, officials are now saying the trail is more dangerous than ever.

But again, that doesn’t stop any thrill-seeker from finishing this incredible hike.

Officials are in a limbo as to what to do with the dangerous staircase. Some are even talking about destroying it all together.

Maybe they could open the stairs up to the general public after some safety remodels are put in place.

Once you reach the top, the views make the entire hike all worth it.  Even if you have to stand on a risky platform at the end.

A group of avid hikers took an amazing video of the almost impossible trail. Watch the incredible video of the hike below.

Haiku Stairs from Samuel Nowack on Vimeo.

This one of a kind hike along Oahu’s Ko’olau Mountain Range is unlike any other. The views, the steep steps, the not so sturdy platforms, all make this hike exactly what it is. Even though it is illegal, that doesn’t stop any thrill seeker from experiencing this hike. Would you have the guts to complete it? I don’t think I could.

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