Terrifying Stargazer Fish Buries Its Body And Leaps To Attack Anything That Passes By

Our oceans are still a source of constant mystery and excitement for us. Only 5% of them have been explored, so you can see why there is still so much intrigue surrounding them. All the time scientists are finding out about new things that happen in our oceans, and even new animals that inhabit them. Many of us stick to the beach because we think we will be safe from all the creepy things that lie deep down in the depths of the ocean. You can think that, but you would be wrong however. While taking a walk along the shore in Virginia Beach, people spotted something in the sand. When they got closer, they were immediately taken aback. I would have been running in the opposite direction as quick as I could if I ever came across one of these things!

Imagine walking along the shore and seeing this looking straight up at you!

What this is, is a Stargazer fish. It gets its name because its eyes are on the top of its head.

Stargazer fish also have an upward angled mouth and head.

These fish will bury themselves in the sand and then leap up at unsuspecting prey which usually consists of benthic fish and invertebrates.

Stargazers are actually venomous fish. They have two poisonous spines behind their opercles and pectoral fins.

The species within the genera Astroscopus and Uranoscopus can also cause electric shocks.

This is the stuff that nightmares are made of…..specifically MY nightmares.

This thing had to have been spawned from satan himself. I don’t know any other plausible explanation for how something this horrifying looking could have ever been brought into existence. I’m not afraid of many animals. Sea creatures are my weakness though. There is just something about them. It could be the fact that we don’t know a lot about them. Or it could the fact that most of are incredibly weird-looking. One things for sure though, I’m going to be extra careful where I step the next time I do go to the beach. That probably won’t be for a long while now though.

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