Restaurant Owner Leaves Note For Dumpster Diver

This is another one of those stories that is going to leave you smiling. Or maybe cause some watery discharge from your eye holes, depending on who you are. You might think Ashley Jiron is like every other business owner on the block, at first glance. But if you think that, you would be wrong. She is the owner of P.B. Jams in Warr Acres, Oklahoma. I bet you will never guess after hearing their name what their top menu item is. That’s right, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Or maybe jam. Or other variations.

Whatever floats your boat. But the menu isn’t the most amazing thing about this place. The kind heart of the owner Ashley is. After being in business for only a few months, she noticed that someone had been going through the dumpster behind her business in search of food. She could have done a lot of things. She could have been disgusted. She could have not cared and ignored the situation completely as most people choose to do these days. Instead she took action, and what she decided to do was pretty amazing.

Here is Ashley. She said, “Last week, I had noticed some bags, when I had taken out the trash, were torn open and some of the food was taken out. That really, it hurt me that someone had to do that.”

Here is the note she posted in her shop window. A customer of PB Jams named Greg King noticed the message in the window and posted a picture of it on his Instagram page with the hashtag #thatswhatlovelookslike. It only took a few days to be shared thousands of times on social media. She said she will not take down the sign until they come in.

After being impressed by the amount of people who got in touch to express their support, Ashley launched a pay-it-forward program at her diner, where customers can pay for other people’s meals.

She said, “Patrons can pre-pay a meal for a person in need. For each donation, a sticky nut will be placed on our wall. Those who need to can come take a tag off the wall and use it to pay for their meal. Donations not used by the end of the month will go towards purchasing food for a local homeless shelter.”

“I think we’ve all been in that position where we needed someone’s help and we just needed someone to extend that hand and if I can be that one person to extend that hand to another human being then I will definitely do it.”  It’s true that we have all been in the position at one time or another in our lives where we have needed a little help. Sometimes it is hard to ask for help. Maybe if there were more Ashley’s in the world, it wouldn’t be so hard. And maybe we can all work on being the ones to extend that hand for others. See what this police officer did to help this pregnant mother and her children when he found them sleeping in their car. It’s another good one!

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