10 Of The Creepiest And Strangest Ocean Creatures You’ll Ever Sea

I love when I get the chance to take a vacation near the beach. There’s something so tranquil about sitting in the warm sand and gazing out into a vast ocean that makes everything else in the world seem so small. You see a bluish landscape that is constantly moving, encompassing an area that is hard to fathom the sheer enormity of all of it. The natural beauty of the waves are so calming and peaceful. That feeling soon changes the moment I step into an ocean. It is then that I realize I have no clue what is beneath me. The area that I am in covers the majority of the enormous planet that we live on and I don’t have fins. I don’t stand a chance against the beasts that live beneath the surface of the water. We know more about our solar system than we do about our oceans which is why we are surprised with terrifying ocean animals rather often. Either some fisherman reels one in on some far away body of water or something that looks like it spawned straight from Hell washes up on a popular beach. Needless to say there are many terrifying ocean animals! Here are 10 terrifying ocean animals that will make you question your decision to go swimming.

1. This hideous beast is straight from your nightmares. It is a basket starfish that was pulled up by a fisherman in Singapore.

2. This slimy creature is the Prehistoric Frill Shark. This one was caught by a fisherman near Australia. Just imagine walking through the water to find this thing swimming along side you.

3. This behemoth is the Giant Oarfish. It is a huge snake-like creature that swims 3,000 feet below the ocean’s surface. Recently a few have washed up on the shores of California.

4. This terrifying ocean creature has stirred up a lot of debate. It has been named “The Montauk Monster” and washed up on the shore of Montauk, New York. Many speculate that this is actually the disfigured body of a raccoon.

5. This thing is known as the Megamouth Shark. This guy was found in the Philippines after his tail was caught in a fishing net causing his death.

6. This demon of the depths is called a Lancetfish. This thing is straight out of my nightmares and I hope I never see one in person. This Lancetfish was found off the coast of North Carolina.

7. It looks like an oil spill on the shore but it is actually known as the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish. While jellyfish wash up on the shore often, it is a rare sight to see one this big. The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish is the largest jellyfish in the world.

8. It belongs in a sealed off tank in the villain’s lair in a James Bond movie. Native to South America, this is the South American Pachu Fish. They’re very dangerous and have been known to bite the testicles off of men near their territory. The scariest part about this fish….. this one was found in Michigan.

9. I think I’m going to be sick. This looks like a fish whose neck was slit open but in fact a fisherman caught this two mouthed fish in Australia. I swear the craziest animals live in Australia.

0. What looks like a prop from a horror film is actually a terrifying ocean creature that is completely real. This God-forsaken animal is known as the Goblin Shark and lives at the bottom of the ocean. This one was also found in Australia.

H/T: OMGfacts

I always wanted to visit Australia but after seeing these, I’m not so sure. Why don’t you just avoid the beaches you might wonder? Well there are some incredibly terrifying things on land in Australia also.  I absolutely love the ocean, and being surrounded by enormous mountains my whole life a change of scenery would be a welcome sight. That being said, I am completely content on sitting on the beach and watching the waves crash. No need to dive in to that abyss of unknown horrors and terrifying ocean animals.

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