YouTuber Posts A Video Making Out With His Own Sister For A Prank And Gets Highly Criticized By Viewers

Social media has become an extremely important platform that is recognized and used by people from all age groups alike. At the same time, it has also become a medium to get popular. In order to get popular, some people cross certain lines sometimes and this boy has done exactly the same.

Technological Advancements

This world is seeing great technological advancements every passing day. A decade ago, not a lot of people must have thought that we’ll have something like youtube and people will actually have a career out of it!


A lot of Youtubers have made a lot of money doing antics or by showcasing their talent on Youtube. But then, some of them have also done idiotic things to attain popularity! The very YouTuber we are talking about posts various videos on his YouTube channel named PrankInvasion where he does some pranks mostly related to kissing other people and this time he has come up with an even creepier plan as he decides to kiss his own sister. Cringe worthy, right?

The New Video!

Chris Monroe, the YouTuber who has apparently made people cringe thanks to his latest video. in the video, he kisses his half sister which by no means was comfortable for any viewer to watch! In the beginning, he just creeps around her room like a stalker then finally decides to pop the question in front for her.

Weird Video!

They both sit on the bed, in front of the camera, that’s when Chris asks her if she wants to play a little game for a kiss. She says, “Not really, but I guess I’ll have to” and Chris says, yes you will have to do it for them (pointing at the viewers), they asked for it. But literally, No. One. Ever. Asked. For It. Again, let us warn you that by no means is this comfortable to watch. If anything, this is an extremely weird thing to watch!

The Video

The very thought of siblings having each other’s tongue down their throat can make anybody’s toes curl. And this YouTuber has made everyone see it. Look at it and Let us know what you think about it!

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