Uncle Wears Dress To Movie With Niece To Make Her Feel More Confident

The movie ‘Cinderella’ did not disappoint as it received positive critical reviews and grossed over $256 million worldwide. Fans are ranging from young ages all the way to the elderly for the beloved classic movie. But one fan in particular is receiving nation wide attention. Jesse Nagy, a 26-year-old man from Detroit, wanted to be a great uncle and take his young niece to see the new movie. When he heard that his niece wanted to wear a princess gown but was afraid of what the other movie goers would think, Nagy decided to do the unthinkable, easily earning him the Uncle Of The Year award. Check this story as this uncle dresses up for his niece

He borrowed a dress from a friend and decided to dress up as a princess to match his niece. In the picture, his chest hair, tattoos, muscular arms, and facial scruff make it comical compared to the girly get-up he’s wearing.

He even topped off his outfit with a princess crown and sparkly purse. He decided to avoid the glass slippers and stick to a more comfy option though.

Although they did receive a bunch of confused looks from other fans, Nagy says “If it’s going to make her happy, I’ll do it, I don’t care.”

Source: Reddit

He has received a lot of media attention as a full-time actor, saying he has received more in 3 hours then in his entire acting career. One picture posted on Reddit received over a million views in just a day. This uncle sure knows how to make his niece happy even if it is a bit embarrassing for himself. But above all, I think he taught his niece a very valuable lesson – who cares what others think.

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