Keith Urban Breaks Down As Kelly Clarkson Performs

The American singer/ songwriter has always given magnificent performances, with her soulful voice, that touches hearts. Her voice is so beautiful that it would definitely break you down if she sings an emotional song. Keith Urban experienced something similar after which he broke down in tears onstage.

Her voice

Kelly Clarkson’s melodious voice seems to get right out of her heart to the hearts of the audience, as tears roll down their cheeks. The previous winner sings the song that changed her life, singing her very own song while pregnant.

Emotional song

The performance took an emotional turn as everyone was drenching in it. Even the panel of Judges broke down in tears when they heard the melodious tune, with chilling lyrics.

Judges crying

The performance was glorious as everyone was into the scene. One judge couldn’t hold his tears back as he sat there, drenching in the emotional melody that Clarkson delivered.

Keith Urban in tears

Kieth Urban couldn’t hide his emotions as it had a huge impact on his heart. When Kelly sang the song, she felt it. The song ‘Piece By Piece,’ was one that she co-wrote with Greg Kurstin.

Breathtaking performance

Keith felt what Kelly felt when she sang the song. Every word and every piece of the melody was breathtaking to hear. It was a touching moment for everyone.

The video

As she sang, not only the others listening to it cried, but she had to apologize to the crowd because even she was overwhelmed by the lyrics.

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