Dad Fits Rabbit Bottle To Son’s Bed As He Will Not Stop Taking Part In Video Games.

A daddy WHO was obtaining uninterested of his son’s perennial demands to bring him drinks whereas he weekday enjoying on his PlayStation has determined to induce his own back – by attaching a rabbit bottle to his bed frame.


Kristian Wilkes, 33, says he was sick having to run up and down stairs with drinks for his eight-year-old son mountain peak whereas the child was enjoying laptop games along with his mates, therefore bought the £2.50 bottle as a joke – however what started as a prank has become a fairly sound plan.

Kristian, from Ebbw depression, Wales said: “It was additional of a joke – however currently i believe it is the best £2.50 I ever spent!

Kristian says that mountain peak even got some use out of it that night, therefore it’s proving to be sensible too.

“He used it that night furthermore,” the daddy superimposed. “It was nice. I did not have to be up and down the steps obtaining him drinks.

“I did it as a joke – i do not need individuals to suppose i am a pushover or something. I simply did it for amusing to blackguard at him. however plenty individuals are spoken communication what a good plan it had been.

“I’ve aforesaid to his mother i am getting to get him one in every of those hats with the straws wrapped spherical them. it is a smart plan and he does not have to be compelled to leave his game.

“I’ve got a four-year-old girl too and she’s very exigent, therefore it is a little bit of a nightmare once i am attempting to type her out and he is shouting for a drink.

“I’ve had to ban him from taking cups up there as a result of clearly i will realize them beneath his bed and every one over the place.”

Now, the daddy reckons he would possibly even invest in one for himself to assist him deal with the morning once an evening on the booze. looks you are on to one thing, Kristian..

He said: “Logan’s friends have seen the funny facet and he is enjoying the eye currently. Even a number of their oldsters have commented what a good plan it’s.

“I’ve not had any negative comments – everybody I’ve spoken to looks to be giving the concept an idea.

“It’s a good plan for hangovers too – i’d match one next to my bed furthermore.”

Unlimited daddy points.



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