10 Strangest Places Only The Traveler With Bravest Heart Will Dare To Visit

There are many places which are hidden from the world that we never ever thought existed on earth. These magical places will mesmerise you and will make you wonder about the beauty of our world and how humans have made this place extra special. These places are well hidden that only travellers who are brave enough will dare to explore this places.

Jacob’s Well

If you are craving for something dark and extraordinary then this diving spot in Texas is something you will love to explore. This well is upto 140 feet and it has been reputed of being one of the unsafe diving spots.

Mirror lake

Lets take a walk into this Mirror lake in Indonesia where the top layer of the water looks crystal clear while the bottom looks warm, green and salty.

Center Ik kil

This water lake looks magnificent and it has been considered as one of the scared place and various archaelogists and speleogists found hidden treasure in its deep water.

Derawan Island

If you think you are greater than the other species than try swimming with whale sharks In Indonesia. The size of the creatures is big as a bus and luckily you can swim with them as they have no interest in feeding on humans.


Sometimes taking your precious time and giving yourself break to explore the world is worth happening. All you need to do is be brave to explore something new rather than visiting the same place.


It has became popular since some travellers posted their picture travelling through this marvelous places that we feel intrigued to know more about it and explore it.


This swimming fish looks like a dark cloud surrounding the water and they are so tiny that they make a crowd to swim with each other. Well, it would be better if you try this place and see it with your own eyes.

Lac Lioson

If you have already filled your bucket list than add one more into your list. This place was made with the help of some tools to create a hole like this and if you are in switzerland then try this amazing shot.

Carlsbad Caverns

Well, this road looks so unsafe yet exciting to explore. This is one of the oldest and most famous cave systems on our planet and there are enormous chambers filled with varied fantastic speleothems.

Pichinka volcano

Our earth is full of surprises that we feel blesses that we have born here. Well, this swing make us go back to reminscing the memories of our childhood where we used to play with it. And now we can do the same just by swinging it with a nice view to witness.


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