Jason Momoa Crashed This Couple’s Wedding And The Photos Are Outstanding

In everyone’s life, wedding day is arguably the most important day. All of us dream of how we’ll get married while growing up. Have you ever thought of how ill the coolest marriage of your life be? What if your favourite star crashes into your wedding? Well, this is what happened here!

Jason Momoa

We all know how cool Jason Momoa is. Be it a super hero film, a fictional throne show or crashing into a wedding, this man owns his part!


So Momoa just decided to gate crash a wedding in Hawaii recently and the images are absolutely stunning. How lucky was this couple?

All Smiles!

When you look at one of the biggest actors in the world photo bombing your wedding pictures, you cannot help but smile!


And then of course, when he’s into antics like these, you enjoy it even more! This wedding is so memorable!


This one has to be our all time favorite! Wonder what this couple has to say about this!

In The background!

Look at the happiness on their face with Momoa in the background!

Good Time!

Seems like our aqua man is having some really good time with aqua!


And he was kind enough to take selfies with others!

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