57 Years Old Grandmother Claims That She Has Dated Almost 200 Men

How many people have you dated in your life? 5? 10? 20? 30? Do you know anyone who has dated more than 100 people in their life? If no, meet this 57 year old Granny who claims to have dated more than 200 men so far! That’s right, 200!

Old age!

Aging is something that none of us are very comfortable with. We always have questions about it and aren’t sure about how it will turn out for us! But if it turns out to be anything like this 57 years old grandmother named Gaynor Evans from Enfield, North London, it’ll be worth it!

Crazy Lifestyle

Gaynor is the grandmother of 4 and is 57 years old and has stunning dating life! The men she dates are at times even younger than her kids and her family supports her lifestyle completely!


Her dating life started after her divorce with her second husband in 2010. She dated 23 years old and that’s how her journey of 200 men started. Now 200 is a huge number if you think about it! Gaynor is a successful businesswoman. She first got married when she was 18 years old. She divorced her first husband after having 3 kids with him and married for the 2nd time when she was 28. Her 2nd husband was 10 years younger than her. She’s had troubled marriages that made her realize that all she needs in her life are casual relationships.

Prolific Cougar

What’s even great about this 57 years old is that she herself address her as a ‘prolific cougar’. She’s from a metaphysical reality. The grandmother said, ‘I’m an older woman who has stepped outside convention – I’m very unusual. I’m one of the most openly prolific cougars out there. I’m not boasting about it and I know it’s not for everyone, but I’m non-repentant. I make no apologies for being a prolific cougar Although I’m 57 years old, I feel 30. My sexual desire has never waned and I’m dating three men non-exclusively at the moment. Older men also tend to go for younger women. Younger men don’t want to mother despite what people would think – they make you feel in touch with the world.’ This is not bad at all!

Happy And Content!

She is happy and content with her dating life. She said, After being married twice I was launched back into single life. I noticed I started getting approached from younger guys while I was out with my daughters. Initially, I thought they were just being polite but then I realized they were interested. It was an eye-opener – I couldn’t believe they were flirting with me. Eventually, I went for it with a 23-year-old. Being intimate with him was a very uplifting experience, he was very adoring and flattering. That spurred me on and I went from strength to strength.’ She has been criticized by many but she likes what she likes and that is doing wonders to her self confidence.


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