White Ref Forces Black H.S. Wrestler to Cut Dreadlocks

This is absurd…

White referee prevented a black high school wrestler from wrestling a match with dreadlocks, he would forfeit this important match or cut off his dreadlocks than proceed… this whole ridiculous incident was captured on video.

Andrew Johnson was wearing a cover over his dreadlocks when he was about to enter the competition for Buena Regional High School in New Jersey, but referee Alan Maloney stopped him.

Maloney left Johnson two choices since his hair cover was not sufficient either lose the match or chop off the locks. Johnson unwillingly chose the haircut, but as you can see he is truly upset.

Johnson broke his opponent, but even when the ref raises his hand in victory you can see that he is clearly devastated about the haircut.

His teammates tried to console him but he was still crushed…

However, it is being revealed that the ref has a history of racist behavior. During a social gathering in 2016, the ref Alan Maloney used a racial slur toward a black man. He even got his ass kicked in the process.

The offended African American man was so pissed, he smashed Maloney to the ground.

The body that oversees high school wrestling in New Jersey ordered Maloney to complete a sensitivity training class and also made him apologize for the incident.




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