Monopoly Is Releasing A Cheaters Version Of The Famous Board Game

Monopoly is a favorite game for a lot of people not only in the US but also in the world. It’s a rare occurrence not to see at least one Monopoly board in the average Americans home. It is quite possibly the most played board game by family and friends and ranks up there with chess and scrabble. One thing about the real-life oriented game that makes it stand out is the cheating. You probably can’t play a game of monopoly from start to finish without seeing one or two people cheating. It’s almost impossible.

It can be very irritating when you follow the rules of the game only to realize that the people you have been playing with have been cheating all the while and constantly getting a good deal while you struggle with your debts.

Since the majority of people playing monopoly have come to enjoy cheating a lot, the company that makes the game, Hasbro has decided to satisfy it’s customers by giving them just what they want, a monopoly game that caters to the cheat in us. They called it the Monopoly Cheaters. The monopoly cheaters is just another monopoly game with a twist. This time around, the rules demand that you break the rules. In this cheaters edition, you are given a hall pass to cheat as many times as possible.

While being interviewed by Insider, Jonathan Berkowitz, who is the Senior Vice President of Hasbro explained that the monopoly cheaters was inspired by the fact that more than half of the players try to cheat at the normal Monopoly, so they decided to please them by creating a version of Monopoly just for them. So just this year, they designed this epic edition of the Monopoly cheaters just for cheats.

But what do the Monopoly fans think about this new twist to their game? Well, most of them like it. They can’t quite wait for it to come out and have already envisioned having so much fun with it. A lot of them are commenting on Twitter with comments such as

“I’ve never played monopoly to the end. After a couple of hours, we always gave up. But cheaters monopoly sounds RIGHT up my alley”, and “Read that Monopoly is putting out a cheaters edition of its game. Board games got flung off the table plenty of times in my house without special cards encouraging hotel stealing and such!”

Some of the new developments in the Monopoly cheaters edition apart from the obvious include a real-life handcuff for the person who ends up in jail, and 15 free hall passes for cheating.

The cheating cards had a lot of advice to give to the one who possesses them such as taking a hotel from your playing partners own property, adding hotel pieces to your own property, stealing money from the bank and trying to get out of the handcuffs. Then the players get to either have a prize or not depending on whether they did carry out the cheating exercise given to them.

If you can afford it, you most probably can ask for a loan from the bank or just spoil another person’s own game. However, there’s a twist, if you get caught while trying to cheat, you’ll be reprimanded and might have to surrender a nice amount of your money.

In addition to these cool developments, there would no longer be anyone chosen banker. Everyone would be the banker says, Jonathan Berkowitz. The new edition Monopoly Cheaters has all the players as bankers. Each player takes his own turn at being the Banker.

This new version will certainly spice things up and might soon become more of a crowd favorite than the 86 year old normal one. This game will even be more engaging than the old version because each player has to constantly watch the other one so as to see and call out a cheat move.

But the question on everyone’s mouth is “Would these new Monopoly cheaters help to diffuse the tension and fight that are experienced when people cheat on a game or would it actually bring peace to it as well as more fun?” Only time would tell, but from the reactions of the monopoly fans on Twitter, it might actually be the latter.

Will this create more fights or more fun?

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