Do You Talk To Yourself And/OR Have A Limited Number Of Friends? Turns Out You Might Be A Genius!

Somedays do you find yourself just lazing around the house, doing absolutely nothing? Often just laying in your bed at night and staring at the wall or the ceiling and you start to lose track of time? Do you find yourself talking to yourself as a pastime rather than doing stuff that you know you need to get done, and you will regret not doing it later, but you just do not feel like doing it right now?

Spending days doing absolutely nothing is not necessarily a bad thing, unless you are your parents or the crazy overactive world of people around you. As studies have been done, it has been shown that your lack of motivation or “lazy” behavior may be a sign of exceptionally intelligent mind and creative thought processing. So with all that being said, you might be a full-blown genius and not a lazy slob. Below we have compiled a small list of actions that are commonly known as being lazy, but they hold the characteristic of a genius.

1. Talking To Yourself.

Some refer this to a crazy behavior. However, it is shown to help people focus on the matters at hand and help put thoughts into a proper order and ends up leading you towards your goals of success.

2. Limited Number Of Friends

You like to keep your circle small, that way you have fewer people to interact with and that equals to less stress and drama, that way it will allow you more time to be able to focus on your goals and success and be able to achieve them. Less Friends, Less Drama.

3. Thought As Stagnant

People see you as stagnant(Still, not moving) however, the only reason that you are still and not running as much is that you are using that power to process your ideas that are going through your mind. You have so many different ideas throughout the day that sometimes you need to move a bit less to be able to process that information and sort it into the right areas of focus.

4. You Tend To Take Your Time 

Multitasking is entirely overrated to you. You prefer to take your time and work on one thing at a time, that way you can provide it with the adequate attention that it needs so that you can do a GREAT job on the first task, rather than a half-ass job on several different things at once.

5. You Are A Bit Messy.

Genius people are often found to have a mess around them; this happens as a result of the lazy person nature. You feel the need to just entirely skip this simple step so you can focus on other more important things of the day. It also allows you to break out of the mundane behavior and routines of today’s society. So you find the less conventional ways of accomplishing things.

6. You Like To Doodle

When a person doodles it allows you to come up with new concepts and ideas. It helps you pay attention more to the information around you.

7. You Are Seen As Nonchalant

You are seen as somewhat chill about things. Even what the shit is about to hit the fan, you are still just laid back and accepting of the situations. This plays out if your favor in the long run and is not actually due to laziness, but I would say a slightly positive outlook on life. You don’t see the need to sweat the small stuff. Example, you will go hours on end with being hungry and not say a thing about it because you are just too lazy to get up. This will play into your favor massively if the world comes to an end and the food supply is limited

8.You delegate the tasks to other people

You are not delegating these tasks to other people because you are a lazy person but rather because you are a leader and you have other functions that need to get done. You know the best way to get the job done is by people being a cog in the system, each person doing their specific tasks to get the overall picture done.

9. You Are Extremely Efficient

You are not lazy. You just like to take the proper shortcuts to get the job done in the quickest manner possible. Can we blame you? Ha! No!

10. You Like To Take Naps

Our brains are often overworking throughout the day due to all the info you have to process, so you need to take a nap. Just like any muscle, when it gets worked hard, it needs to rest. So be smart and take more naps and as a result, you will be taking naps to be smart, and everyone loves naps.

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