10 Signs You’re In The Middle Of A Major Life Change

Change is one thing that is permanent in life. From day to day things around us change. Not only the world around us but also ourselves. From day to day we get older, have different views, and mature more based on the situations we find ourselves in. The funny thing about this change is that we usually don’t notice it happening. You wake up one morning and realize that you have a wrinkle on your face or that you’ve hit the big 40. It just hits us when we don’t expect it. Our favorite family restaurant has expanded, there is a new Starbucks around the corner, or one of your mother’s friends has died.

Fact is, change creeps in on us, and we don’t even notice it, but you can always monitor the major life changes and prepare for them because studies show that changes usually occur every seven years. In other words, we go through a life cycle every seven years.

Many people are too occupied with getting through everyday mishap free to pay any attention to the ripples of change. There are a few people though, who are so in tune with themselves they can actually feel, recognize and flow with the ripples of change.

Paying close attention to the coming of the wind of change is important because it will help prepare you for the changes that would occur and equally put yourself in a good opportunity to navigate through the changes coming. You usually can tell that things about to change when you begin to feel very restless and uncomfortable.

Well, I for one pay attention to the ripples of change because I love being prepared and there’s no better feeling than not being caught off guard by the change in a particular person or thing. I’ve been going on and on about knowing when change is coming and paying attention to the signs and by now you must be thinking “Well, what are the signs?” That is exactly what I will be discussing with you in this article. I would go through ten important signs that would herald the coming of change. What do you know, you might actually recognize them in your life.

1. Your body buzzes with the coming of change.

Physically, your body will let you know when things are about to change and the only issue is that we might be too preoccupied with other aspects of life to pay attention to the warning really. Your body practically buzzes during this stage, and you feel an unexplained restlessness in you. If you feel this, then get yourself ready for your significant life change.

2. Your dreams begin to seem even more attainable.

Everybody daydreams about one thing or another. From love to success to a lavish wedding to kids and grandkids, everybody daydreams about something. When a change is about to occur, your daydreams take a whole new route as you begin to give more attention to your once unattainable dreams. You find yourself spending more time on those dreams because you are beginning to see these dreams as attainable and it does make you feel really good.

3. You feel optimistic and enthusiastic about your goals

We all have those dreams we thought were so huge and a bit outlandish. We only give them a second or two because we really do not expect them to happen for several reasons one of which could be the funds needed to transform those dreams into plans and reality. But if lately, you have been feeling a lot more optimistic about those seemingly impossible dreams, goals, and ideas then a wave of change is definitely coming. And if you are feeling enthusiastic about the plans that you have put in place to make your dreams a reality, then you are on the right track. Keep moving something positively huge is just around the corner.

4. You begin to get bored with old past times

Everyone has that one thing they loved to do that always made them happy and helped them unwind. It could be curling up with a good book, watching your favorite movies on Netflix with a pile of snacks beside you, hanging out with your friends. It could be baking pastries, cooking, cleaning the house or outdoorsy stuff like mowing the lawn, visiting the gym, going on a run, swimming, fishing or taking walks in the woods. Everybody has their own stress reliever. However, you know that a wave of change is in its way when you begin to feel bored with your old pastimes. This means that you are beginning to develop new interests and that is wonderful.

5. You have a new cause

You might discover that your attention has been drawn to some new purpose or cause. You might be filled with a need and passion for doing something new or investing your time in something new. This is a sign that something is about to change in your life as you begin to change. You drop old habits and passions and pick up new causes to follow.

6. You begin to crave alone time

Some people have always enjoyed having some alone time to themselves for some reflective thinking and other people who are happiest in the presence of others. If you belong to the latter group, then you are definitely changing, if you find yourself craving more alone time than hanging out with friends. You might find out that you feel happier when you sit alone in your house with a cup of coffee and your thoughts or you prefer taking long walks to hanging out with your friends. You begin to derive a lot of inner peace and happiness and an overall deeper understanding of the environment and life.

7. Books become your companion

Not many people enjoy books. Some people prefer watching a TV series of Harry Potter to reading the books on them either because they get bored quickly with books or they just do not have the time for a big book much less one that comes in volumes. Other people, however, are happiest when they are curled up in bed with a good book whatever genre it is. But if you don’t care much for books but suddenly find yourself gravitating towards books more than the TV shows you preferred, then your mind is hitting a growth spurt. Your ideas are in need of reshaping and expansion, and change is coming.

8. Your personality is undergoing a change

It might not be noticeable to you at first when your personal begins to change simply because the change would be so slow and almost inconsequential. You might not notice it, but your friends and they might draw your attention to the fact that you no longer do, say or engage yourself in some certain things. This could be an indicator of an evolving mind. The buzz would be very noticeable and might even affect your friends and family.

9. You begin to exhibit more sensitivity to other people or things.

Some things which would not have gotten you to bat an eyelash a couple of years ago now make you cringe. This is a sign that your feelings, mindset, and thought processes are undergoing a shift. In case you feel worried, it is absolutely normal for this to happen. It means that you are becoming more in sync with the environment, the people living in it and the injustice in the world as a whole. This is a really positive change, and it could mean your involvement and contribution to making the world a better place.

10. Your level of curiosity in your environment matches that of a toddler.

Toddlers are quite notorious for their high level of curiosity and parents have to constantly be on guard to protect them since they do not know what can hurt them. When you begin to feel as curious as a toddler, then you know that a change in your life cycle is imminent. You get fascinated with the way things work, how things were made and who made them. Your questions are never-ending. You want to learn all about many new things in the society. If you were a shy person before, you might find yourself talking more to people and being more sociable than you used to be. Your curiosity is a sign that your mind is ready to absorb new information and ideas expanding your horizon and that is an awesome thing

I wonder if you recognized any of these signs in yourself and if you did, then you need to be on the lookout for a change. Remember though that changes come in two types, positive and negative. You have to watch the signs and understand what direction your change is leaning towards and act accordingly. The main reason for this article is to arm you with a way to foretell future change so that you would not be caught unaware and unprepared leaving you to struggle with the new things you see. All the signs above are sure symptoms of an imminent change so giddy up and get ready to meet your change head-on. 

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