Valrico Family Pleads For Kidney Donor For Wife By Using A New Approach

It is a simple message that may save a life: A Bay Area family added a custom made sign to their own truck requesting to get a type-O blood liver donor to get a working kidney for the mother, and their expectation is that it’s going to help lead to finding an individual to reach out to them and also become a fit to be her donor.

Monique Sexton has been diagnosed with lupus nephritis in 2017, a state that shortly landed her at the hospital with failing kidneys.

“I’ve been on dialysis since January 3, 2018. I go Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after work,” said Sexton.

She had the idea to make their family truck into a driving billboard and then found someone to make the lettering for the sign.

“Luckily, I got off early that day. I had time to put it on before we did our normal routine Friday stuff, and a couple of hours later it’s already on Facebook,” said her husband, Mike Mikorski.

He hopes all the driving between his job, taking their 2-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter to childcare and events, and taking college classes, will lead to a gift of life for his wife.

Since the sign went up Feb. 1, they said they get two or three calls a day.

“The strength that she has is amazing. So whatever I can do for her, it’s a matter of anything I can do to help her out I want to do,” said Mikorski.

Monique’s condition has forced her to miss milestones and events with their children.

“It’s been a lot,” said Sexton. “We have two young kids. We attempt that their lives never skip a beat.”

Along with the truck, the new reality led the Valrico family to create a Facebook page called Miracles for Monique updating their journey to help pay for medical bills and donor testing in addition to finding a type O donor who could change their lives.

“We can go out, and we can have fun. We can do things and not have to worry about mommy having a bad day or that I have dialysis this day,” she said about how a new kidney would impact their everyday life.

The couple has been together 10 years, through the pain of Monique’s rheumatoid arthritis and subsequent kidney condition. They said they won’t let those bad days stand in the way.

“I think a lot of people kind of take it a little hard. She did at first, and she’s decided to take charge of it,” said Mikorski. “She’s literally driving this, and I’m here to support her the best I can.”

The family said they are grateful for anyone who fills out a donor application that could bring Monique to Tampa General Hospital for the transplant. You can call 863-999-2337 for more information.

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