Woman Forces Fox To Be Vegan And Before-And-After Photos Are Devastating

Before we move ahead, we have to establish this fact: our carnivorous pets aren’t vegan.

You may decide to stay away from foods like meat, milk and similar animal products and instead go for greens.

But carnivorous animals can only survive and thrive on meat.

Be vegan but don’t force your beliefs and lifestyle on nature. Force feeding your fox is as much an act of animal abuse as those who are cruel to animals for profit sake.

Carnivores are meat-eating animals and denying them meat means killing them.

Sonia Sae owns an exotic fennec fox that goes by the name Jumanji.

The poor animal is dying right before her eyes, but she seems unperturbed as she feels all is right if he isn’t eating meat.

People who are professionals and have experience when it comes to animals and their diets have stated that the fennec fox is mostly meat and then supplemented with plants.

Most of the nutrients responsible for the fox’s health comes from meat and not plants.

Some of these compounds that make up these nutrients are taurine and calcium.

Lack of these minerals lead to the destruction of their reproductive system and then their hearts.

Poor little thing is dying as a result of one’s ignorance.

Right now, Jumanji is suffering from a painful skin problem, weak bones, blindness and spontaneous convulsions.

And Sae doesn’t seem to care. People on the net are beginning to worry about Jumanji’s health.

As they see the continuous deterioration of the fox.

This is what this cute animal used to look like

And look at what he looks like now.

This is sad.

Some people are so dumb they probably deserve a beating.

Sae is occasionally seen talking about her fox having allergies, but that is just a cry for help as the fox is dying slowly.

Here is a bit more info on what is going on with this poor animal

She has also labeled people who are concerned about the way she treats her fox as being haters who deserve no attention.

This picture, in particular, was just too much for me.

And this one too.

You can see that Jumanji’s body is rotting away.

Okay, this next photo has officially sent me straight over the edge.

Oh, and here’s an image of Jumanji’s body eating itself.

And then we have her saying this…

She doesn’t even know that all opinions aren’t equal. Someone with a biology degree actually knows more about nature than the average person.

I am appalled by Sae’s behavior and very sorry for Jumanji.

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