Science Says You Should Smudge Your Home. Here’s Why:

Smudging is a practice that is carried out by burning resins from plants and herbs for use. It can be used for spiritual purposes and medicinal purposes. Smudging is an age long practice that had been around for many centuries. It has been used to cleanse the air of any negative spiritual presence or any sad emotion. A lot of people see smudging as something that has gone out of fashion today. They feel that the act of smudging is not needed in this day and age especially now that scientific advancements have taken over the old practices. However, based on the results from a just-concluded research, the smoke from medicines contain a strong antiseptic that can clear the atmosphere of about 94% of bacteria in it for a full day.

Why Does Smudging Help?

Have you ever felt that the tension in the room where you were standing was so thick you could use a knife to cut through it? Perhaps you were about to get punished, or you were watching a game on TV with your friends and family. Either way, there is something like a tension so thick, you could cut through it. The space around the body can be crowded and made uncomfortable by the build-up of some troubling positive ions. It is these ions that make us feel tired and slow most times. Burning up good herbs like Sage would help you to take care of the negative feelings and aura. What happens is that the energy from the burning and herbs would surround your body, making the positive ions to be neutralized.

Once or twice, we have been in hairy situations that had us feeling very tense. Positive ions in the air can suddenly stack on in such situations until it becomes so thick you could literally cut it. The burning of Sage or other herbs would quickly neutralize the positive ions making the air to be free of tension.

Smudging using Sage

Like I have mentioned, a wonderful herb like Sage would be a good place to start your smudging from. You can find sage at most of your local herb stores. If you can’t find it, then you can definitely order it online. There are a few things to be aware of before you start smudging with your Sage. First and foremost, you need to always remember what the Sage is for before lighting. Let your attention rest on the negative feelings that you want to cleanse. Light up the sage and blow out the remaining flame. Remember that you need the smoke and not the flame.

You should also smudge yourself and get rid of the negative effects surrounding you. To get this done, you need to wave the smoking sage around your body a couple of times. Don’t stay in one place. Tour the house with your lighted sage and clear the air in all the rooms. You are advised to burn the sage for about an hour, and you can get a sage holder to make things easier for yourself.

If you want to smudge your house, it is advisable that you do it at the turn of the season preferably in the first week. Also, another step to follow while smudging your home is ventilation. Be sure to leave one window open so that the smoke would not pose any hazards for you or other people in the house.

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