10 Warning Signs That You Are Dealing With a Black-Hearted Person

We absorb negative energies right when we step out of our home doors. The world outside is clearly something that we weren’t taught as much as in the childhood, and while we expect to live through the manner patters we have created for ourselves, something always picks on us and drives us nuts. Mostly because we cannot surpass some levels of hate, negativity and evil that some people have in their hearts and spread it around like pollution.

Just turn on the TV, you’re surrounded with evil, psychopaths that kill monstrously, rape, average murder, criminals and as we are surrounded by negativity we learn how to accept it and it becomes regular everyday life for us, which is shocking. As much as we are polluted with negativity and stress, for the sake of our health we clearly avoid signs of negative people that are surrounding us by ignoring them, but ignoring something and pretending like it’s not there can actually lead us into trouble that we don’t want to be.

These are 10 signs of poisonous people that we should not ignore them by any means, and once we notice them, we should find actions to protect ourselves:

1. They Are Master Manipulators

These people always have an agenda to keep them focused and move them forward in their wanted direction. They are ready to screw you over, manipulate you, and treat you like a toy if needed. Nothing and no one matters for them and their entire life is built upon tricks, manipulations, and lies.

2. They Are Untrustworthy

This one goes without even saying it. People that live their lives built upon lies and games are not trustworthy, no matter how pure they appear to you. If you caught yourself to trust such a person, keep a safe distance and remove the person from your life day by day.

3. They Deny Reality

They live in their own lives that they created for themselves and the image they want to be, so when someone tries to put them to the ground they refuse to believe and accept it, so they will start a rant on their own and once the other person feels like it’s too much backs away. They believe their own twisted game and their own lies, and when lies become their reality they are far from aware that the truth is something else.

4. They Believe They Are “Owed”

People who have dark heart often think that they deserve a nice working position, high paycheck, and everything they shouldn’t even work to earn it all by themselves. They want someone else to do their job because they think low of hard working people and instead they integrate them to work for their needs.

5. They Demand Your Attention

These people are most of the time overly-confident and self-assured to the point of no believe. They overvalue their importance, thinking that they have earned the right to be superior over everybody. They demand to be the center of attention and they think that they’re worthy of it.

6. They Lie A Lot

They will lead you into their web of lies and will continue to lie themselves and the people around them until they can. Once their old lies are forgotten, they put on top new lies and it goes in circle. They have an image for themselves that they want to live, so lying into that image and making people believe is what they live for.

7. They Live A Double Life

These people are different when they are with you, and different when they are with other coworker. They are also different when they are surrounded with people they like to manipulate, even masses of people if they tend to be popular on social media or the workplace, but they are who they truly are when they are with themselves. They think everything’s a game and they play it really well. Until you find out, than the masks are dropped.

8. They Don’t Respect Your Time

Worrying solely about themselves, they don’t respect you or your time. You mean nothing to them, so also your time and needs mean nothing to them. They will try to use you as much as possible, not caring whether you have time for them or not. They think you should spend your entire time on them, because they believe that whatever you choose to do is worthless except themselves.

9. They Feel No Guilt

An honest, caring person would feel guilty if they knew that their actions may hurt or deceive someone that they love and care about, but these people don’t care at all if they hurt someone. They don’t feel love, they don’t show respect, and therefore, their ego is so strong they feel no guilt.

10. They Hide Information

In their efforts to manipulate people they hide information about them or about anything that may be threat to them in order to fulfill what they need. This information may reveal their true nature or their plans, so hiding them and acting like they don’t exist is mostly what they do in order to hide themselves and continue with their lies and manipulation.

Source: Mindwaft

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