10+ Celebrity Doppelgängers Found In The Most Unlikely Of Places

Have you had an experience where you suddenly recognize a friend of yours walking down the street and then you call your friend by his/her name, and they don’t answer? And then you keeping calling them, with each call getting louder and louder. And when they seem not hear you, you run up to them to get their attention. Only for them to turn around to face you… and you suddenly figure out why they won’t reply. They are some stranger with some physical features that make them resemble your friend. Then you proceed to apologize for your wrong and often annoying assumptions. That usually gives us embarrassed as well. Now imagine if you met a celebrity lookalike and you ecstatically rush to them for a selfie and an autograph, only to find out you were just after their doppelganger! Imagine if that person were a doppelganger of your mom! That has happened to me one time. And when I discovered what had happened I was disappointed and embarrassed why the person laughed at me.

Well, that would be the case for the friends and family of these celebrities that would be listed below. Their lookalikes were found thousands of miles away from them in different parts of the world and sometimes in different races. Here are 19 of such instances;

Brazillian Danny DeVito

Is Vladimir Putin Rule Russia from China?

Does Kit Harington have a twin in America

Has Barack Obama Retired to the country of Mexico? Yes or No. Can’t decide which side of the fence am on.

Imagine Morgan Freeman narrating the history of Peru.

Brad Pitt in Asia

Kanye in Egypt? Yezus! When will this guy stop competing with Christ!

White Carlton

Leonardo Di Caprio in Russia!

Taylor Lautner female twin!

Russian Jim Carrey!

Jay-Z ‘ female twin!

Indian Jeff Goldblum

Black Matt Damon

Indonesian Barack Obama

Swedish Leonardo Di Caprio

Mexican Morgan Freeman

Turkish George Clooney

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