NASA Receives Response From A Spacecraft 13 Billion Miles Away

Things have got really exciting following NASA receiving a reply from the emptiness of space. The Voyager 1 spacecraft of NASA fired its thrusters up after being dormant for 37 years. The unsuspected victory implies that Voyager 1 is once more able to convey from over 13 billion miles away from Earth

Voyager 1 is the fastest and farthest away spacecraft that earth has, also it’s become the sole object made by people in the interstellar area. The Voyager is capable of travel at over 35,000 mph, and this also usually means it travels around 900,000 miles farther away from Earth daily.

Voyager 1 crossed across the border of this heliosphere, which can be known as heliopause and in performing, so it moved into a space between the stars, a region where no spacecraft has been before.

The group supporting the Voyager developed a remedy which has been somewhat unusual, which was to attempt to provide the orientation or job into thrusters which had remained untouched for 37 years. The chief engineer stated that the group had looked into information that has been several years old and took a fantastic look in the applications that was coded within an assembler language which was obsolete, to be able to safely examine the thrusters.

Four of those thrusters were fired up by engineers, and they waited for test results to journey the distance back, something that took 19 hours and 35 minutes to get to the antenna of the Deep Space Network of NASA at California. Much to the amazement of these engineers that the evaluation was a victory. The group from Pasadena in California can currently utilize four backup thrusters which have been sleeping since 1980.

The group got more and more enthusiastic with every milestone tests of their thrusters, and there was a mood of joy and incredulity once the team saw that the thrusters begin as though it’s was yesterday they went to sleep. The group stated that using all the thrusters functioning they expected to prolong the life span of Voyager 1 to the following two or three decades.

It is thought that the thrusters test went so well that another similar test is going to be made on the TCM thrusters of Voyager 2. Voyager 2 is thought to be entering interstellar space in the next few years.


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