6 Facts Why Michael Keaton Is The Best Batman EVER!

With Ben Affleck hanging up his cape and cowl, the debate is if he is the best Batman we have ever seen (Zack Snyder definitely thinks so). Sure, Affleck looked the character and pulled off some neat tricks, but there is the thing: He wasn’t any Michael Keaton.

Sorry not sorry, but Keaton is still the best person to have suited up as the Dark Knight. Whether it was Bruce Wayne or the masked vigilante, he mesmerized in both Batman and Batman Returns. In the event you want some reminding of how great he actually was, then here are six facts why we think so.

1. He Turned The Hate Around

While everybody knows the internet is filled with cry-babies who whine about each comic books film casting, its just as bad as when Keaton was declared as Batman because there were 50,000 protest letters which were sent into the Warner Bros. offices. Bear in mind, at the time, Keaton was famous largely because of his comedic work, coming off Beetlejuice.

He smashed the role. Once Batman premiered, each doubter ate their hat since he proved everybody wrong and flipped the perceptions around. While Affleck definitely did something like Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, he is not as widely admired as Keaton was by the fandom, with question marks on his final look in Justice League.

2. Acting Ability Trumps Looks

If you think about all of the celebrities to have portrayed the Caped Crusader, Keaton probably looked the least like the comic book version of the character. He’s not what you would term a conventional good-looking leading guy, nor did he possess the physical stature to convince anyone that he could take down a host of bad guys.

His acting ability, however, made us think that he was Batman. He did not require all of those things to become successful in the role, because he persuaded us through his ability and portrayal on screen. It’s a lesson for all of us in relation to whoever is cast as Batman second; let’s not judge based on appearance but on gift. After all, it’s called acting for a reason.

3. Respects the Role

The most bothersome thing about celebrities is the way that they sometimes denigrate their length in comic book film characters. They nearly laugh it off as a ridiculous span in their lives and the way they have gone on to attain bigger and better things since then. Bitch, please, you chose the paycheck and adored it.

In Keaton’s situation, he talks about it as an outstanding time in his or her life. While he admits he had been hesitant about taking the role initially and the attention that it attracted but he looks back on this period very fondly. But even when he had been cast as Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming, he spoke about his time at the cape and cowl. Lest we forget, he reminds everybody that he is Batman.

4. He Walked Away At The Right Time

Once Tim Burton walked away from Batman Forever, Keaton did the same due to principle alone. He showed his loyalty to the director who turned him into a worldwide superstar. He’s gone on record to state that he did not believe in the script or what Warner Bros. wanted to do with this character.

If you have a look at other celebrities who have depicted the Dark Knight, most didn’t have the courage to say, “Nah, this isn’t exactly what I signed up for.” Keaton could have easily have obtained a nice payday, however, he chose to perform the honorable thing instead. That takes fortitude.

5. He had chemistry with the co-stars

When it’s his onscreen time with Kim Basinger’s Vicki Vale, Jack Nicholson’s Joker, Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, Danny DeVito’s Penguin, or even Michael Gough’s Alfred, Keaton had chemistry with everyone he collaborated with his two movies.

It is a rare feat for a celebrity to click with everybody as a character, but Keaton made every connect much more than anyone believed. Whichever emotion he needed to convey, he did so and we bought it as authentic.

6. People Still Want Him As Batman

It’s testament to his popularity that his name is still mentioned as the character 30 years after he appeared in the first film. He defined a generation of Batman and you could say it was his set of movies that rejuvenated comic book movies. To this day, many fans pray for a Batman Beyond film, where Keaton will be cast as the older Bruce Wayne.

Think about it: You never hear a large group of fans clamouring for Val Kilmer, George Clooney, or Christian Bale to come back to the Batcave. Yet, you’ll always see Keaton’s name being mentioned in terms of anything Batman-related.

Tell us, do you think Michael Keaton was the best Batman ever? Let us know in the comment section.


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