10 Old Toys That Are Now Worth A Pretty Penny

Rummaging around the loft in mom and dad’s home may yield some precious toys you lost from childhood. Though the 80s and 90s were not all that long ago, many toys from these eras are worth hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars! Before you announce millionaire status, research reselling tips.

Laurie Anderson Dowell, a toy collector in California says: “The most important feature to a toy’s value is usually whether it is in its original packaging, and what kind of condition the box, card, or bubble is in. MIP (mint in package) and MIB (mint in box) toys are more highly covetable.” Below is our list of valuable toys with their estimated original and potential selling prices. Perhaps you got one of these for Christmas and never opened it?

Sky Dancer


Twin brothers, John, and Anthony Gentile, came up with the idea for Sky Dancer. The twins wrangled an aviation expert and a sculptor that worked on Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas” to create the flying doll’s design. They flew high and twirled with a pull of a string.

Companies that rejected the Gentiles’ pitch missed out…The toy became wildly popular among young children, especially when they found out they could launch the toy at their siblings. Many of the toys were recalled for safety reasons which just increased their value.

Happy Meal toys

AVERAGE OG PRICE: Free (with purchase of a Happy Meal)

McDonald’s removed Happy Meals from its value menu, thus hiking up the price to $3.99 in most locations. The older toys that came with Happy Meals are skyrocketing in value, despite the meal no longer being considered ‘valuable.’

They easily sell on eBay for $100, some for a lot more. Mental Floss said that a whole set of “McFurbys” was recently put up for sale for $899. Seems like embracing the whole Furby craze was the right call for Mc’D’s.


AVERAGE OG PRICE: $12.89 (new)  
MIGHT FLIP FOR: $120 (vintage)
It was the infamous 1990s Skip-It commercial filmed at Ravinia elementary school in Highland Park, Illinois that helped make this toy a success. The advertisement played during children’s programming. Kids had to have it when they saw that apparatus swinging around other kids’ ankles.

Skip-Its are still available for sale, but definitely lost a bit of its cool factor with children today (iPads are the new hip thing). However, collectors might buy your old Skip-It for $120 on eBay. Might have to be in original packaging, however!

Lite Brite

MIGHT FLIP FOR: $130-150

How magical and calming it was to make brightly lit and colored designs with a Lite Brite. Time Magazine named it one of the top 100 toys of all time in an article, due to the toy’s continued popularity since its release in 1967.

Having you been hanging onto your Lite Brite? If it’s a vintage set still in its box, you could slang it for $130 to $150. Lite Brites are still sold through retailers like Best Buy — new versions would not be worth that much obvi.

Moon Shoes

AVERAGE OG PRICE: $37.52 (new)
MIGHT FLIP FOR: $200 (vintage)
These shoes look super weird, but they make you feel like you’re walking on the moon! Stomping around in these shoes with built-in trampolines mimics what the creators think walking on the moon is like. We can’t confirm the accuracy of the imitation but they’re fun either way.

These were first introduced in the 1950s and had success well into the 1990s. If you have any vintage pairs, you might be able to resell them for a couple hundred on eBay. As we’ve mentioned before, mint condition Moon Shoes in that original packaging will get you the most cash.

Dear Diary

Kids have secrets too! Dear Diary provided youngsters a place to store their thoughts away from the prying eyes of adults. Tiger Electronics released this electronic diary in the 1990s which became an instant hit. Dear Diary could only be opened with a secret code.

The handheld device made kids feel so much cooler than using a notebook. These electronic secret keepers are still circulating on eBay, going for a couple hundred in some cases. Remember, they usually will go for the most if you’re in original packaging and in mint condition.

View Master

AVERAGE OG PRICE: $12.50 (new)
MIGHT FLIP FOR: $430 (vintage) 
This toy was first introduced in 1939. Children (and adults) could look through the binocular-like device to view photos and other images. Tourists attractions and travel images made up the bulk of the reels that you could get from View Master.

View Master had various uses but its contemporary design is geared towards children. It’s also been used for Disneyland rides, TV shows and some blockbuster flicks like Jurassic Park and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. View Master has fancy upgraded versions but vintage is worth more.

Strawberry Shortcake Dolls

AVERAGE OG PRICE: $20 (for new)
MIGHT FLIP FOR: $550 (for vintage)

Strawberry Shortcake is the six-year-old, red-headed protagonist of The World of Strawberry Shortcake. The character was originally introduced in 1979 and created by Muriel Fahrion. Strawberry went on to inspire TV shows, films, toys, merchandise, and more. The entire franchise is now owned by Canadian company DHX Media.

Currently on eBay, a vintage doll of Strawberry Shortcake character Banana Twirl is going for $550. GOBankingRates says one Strawberry Shortcake plum-scented Plum Puddin’ with Berrykin Doll Set went on eBay for $500. Other characters should go for lots too, as long as they’re vintage in original packaging.

Super Soaker

This toy water gun operates using manually pressurized air to shoot water at your friends, mom, dad, neighbor, etc. It was the joy of many little kids, especially during summertime, much to the annoyance of many parents. Its popularity generated more than $1 billion in total sales.

Complex said the Monster XL and the original model, Super Soaker 50, were in highest demand on eBay in 2015. Demand might be different right now for particular Super Soakers. If you sell the right water gun at the right time, you could look at a tidy sum.

Toy Story toys

MIGHT FLIP FOR: $700 (vintage)

If you’re like most millennials, you grew up watching Toy Story and probably have some of the toys in your boxes back at mom’s house. Some of the main characters will sell for a couple hundo’s — Buzz goes for $550 and Woody $580.

Supporting roles actually might sell for more. Take one of the villains, Stinky Pete, for instance. The little-known character’s action figure can sell for $700! If you have any of the annoying alien characters from the crane machine, those might retail for $690.

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