Never Ignore A Cat With Purple Painted Paws – Take It To The Nearest Shelter Immediately

The average person will typically drop what they’re doing to assist any animal that finds themselves in great need. But, there are moments when we are given a serious pause. As for instance, have you ever seen a cat with paws that are covered in purple paint? This can be a somewhat frightening sight and it can cause a few to cower or run away. These cats should never be ignored for any reason.

This story occurred in Florida, where local police found a cat who’d paws were painted purple. No one appeared to understand that the cat was discovered like this. Had teenagers chose to mess with all the poor creature? Naples Cat Alliance creator Megan Sorbara was on the case about the situation and the fact of the problem is really a lot more menacing than you’d anticipate.

She is looking to spread the word about what is taking place so that other cats are not forced to endure the same experiences. She took to her Facebook page to provide more information. As someone who considers herself to be hardened by her experiences, Megan was stunned by what she found. The information that she had to share will shock you to your core.

Cats with paws that have been painted purple are actually involved in the world of dog fighting. The coloring is used so that bettors can tell which cat is whose. The white parts of a kitten are colored with purple and then the cats are tossed into the ring. Bets are placed on which of the cats is going to die first and this is a barbaric practice that needs to stop immediately.

If you ever see a cat with purple paws, please be sure to help them out. They have probably escaped an incredibly dangerous environment and they need humans who are willing to assist them. Please be sure to share this story so that this practice can finally stop. Dog fighting is a cruel sport that has no place in a modern society and it is time that we put a stop to it.

The cat in this story has since been renamed Mr. Purple Paws and been given a second chance at life. Other cats are not always so lucky. Anyone who sees a cat with paws that have been painted purple is urged to contact their local animal shelter immediately. Let’s all do our part to spread awareness.

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