What Is The True Hidden Meaning Behind The Bracelet Lines? They Can Tell You About Your Health And Many Other Things

Most of our body parts have something to say about our lives and the trials or lack thereof in it. Certain features such as the shape of your lips, the shape of your eyebrow arch, the shape of your breasts, the length of your fingers, the length of your toes and the size and shape of your feet. It can all get really tiring to read through all of this, but we still do, and we find ourselves comparing our own features to the write-up.

Well, here is another one and it has to do with your wrist lines. The wrist lines are those depressions that clearly show when you bend your wrist towards your elbow.

According to a metaphysical study, the number of bracelet lines that can be found on your wrists can give you an idea if your lifespan. Your life span is directly proportional to the number of wrist lines that you have.

The first wrist line indicates 23 to 28 years of life. It should be noticeable and continuous.

The second bracelet line represents 46 to 56 years of life while the third one shows 69 to 84 years of life. There is a fourth line although it is rare and it shows more than 84 years of life.

Clearly, by now, you have counted the number of bracelet lines that you have on your wrist. The average number of wrist lines a person can have is 3, but rarely some people have four.


The first wrist line also doubles as the most important wrist line. It should have a deep depression when the wrist is bent and should also be continuous. If this line is easily noticeable and deep, it shows good health and people who have deep a deep firsts wrist line most often than not, have physically fit bodies and hardly ever get sick. If however, that line is faded then I’m afraid it shoes ill health.

These lines can have special meanings for the different sexes. For a woman, a first wrist line that is not continuous, or that veers upwards towards the palm shows problems with the reproductive system which might include infertility or irregular periods.

For the men, a broken first wrist line or a first wrist line bent towards his palm shows a problem with the urinary tract of the man such as the prostate.


This line is connected to a persons wealth, success and prosperity. It also indicates the person’s happiness in life. This line should also be continuous and unbroken.


This line is directly linked to a persons career and success. It would tell if you would be an influential, successful man. This line also has to remain unbroken and continuous.


Like I earlier stated, the fourth wrist line is a rare occurrence which indicates long life. It is usually parallel to third wrist line, and it generally upholds the other lines.

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