Sometimes They Need To Leave You So That One Day They Can Come Back

At times people come into your life and leave. And as much as it may seem to be your fault, that isn’t always the case. But even when their departure has nothing to do with you, your mind wouldn’t accept it. You may find yourself asking what it is that made those people leave you.

Did it have to do with me as a person? Or maybe they don’t just like me.

And at other times you catch yourself doubting your intentions as morals as an individual in the relationship. You begin to think that they left because you weren’t good enough for them or you were a bad person who treated them badly.

But you have to understand that as much as we think these thoughts, they are not true. Stop trying to convince yourself that you are not worth loving, the truth of the matter is that this is life in its glory and randomness. People come and go, and that is what people do. Regardless of how good or bad you are, the case will always be the same.

Below, we will be discussing the reasons behind people coming in and out of your life.

Sometimes people leave because they think they don’t deserve you.

This may be very hard to comprehend, but this is a real thing. Look, as much as you think that their leaving you is because you didn’t quite measure up to their standards of a decent partner, the opposite is often times the case.

See, a lot of people can’t handle a situation where they are around other people who are just plain better than they are. And that can cripple them instead of inspiring them to become better. Looking at one’s flaws isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing to do. And so it could be that those that left you did so because you were a constant reminder that they didn’t measure up.

Sometimes people leave because the timing is wrong and sometimes timing is everything.

Timing is very important. And it is even more important when it comes to relationships. See, people move at their own pace. For a relationship to work, it is expedient that both partners are on one page when it comes to their mindset. A lot of times, relationships breaks down or go cold because the two partners involved are at different points in their lives. For some, their understanding of love is far different from what you offer, and they aren’t ready for that kind of love – and that is the point they are in their lives.

Sometimes people leave because they need to find themselves.

This is an extension of what we discussed in the above point. While some people are self-aware, others are not. Some people are yet to discover who they truly are. And some others are yet to accept and love who they are. Just as we said in the previous point, we all are at different points in our lives.

And there is a strong likelihood that they left to find themselves and make sense of why they are here. And believe it or not, that is a good thing for the both of you. You can only get the best out of your partner in they are the best version of themselves. And a major part of becoming the best version of one’s self is to know and love oneself.

Sometimes people leave because they get scared.

Others may have left because they are scared of what they felt being around you and being loved by you. And I don’t mean this in a negative way.

Just as I said before, people don’t quite know how to handle situations where they are in the company of someone who does things better than they do.

For some, they become jealous and bitter while others begin to feel less of themselves and that can be very uncomfortable. And so to avoid such pain, they would leave that environment.

And that could mean ending a relationship with their significant other.

Sometimes people leave, and it’s a mistake.

And then, some of those people who left you just did it out of ignorance or misjudgment. And but if those are mistakes that have nothing to do with you. This is just a fact of life, people – including you and I, make mistakes. And it all comes down to your ability to let go and forgive them.

And I say this because some of those who let you down and leave you would come back. By that time, they must have come to understand the mistakes they have made and would want to make amends. They would want to get back into your life because they have come to realize what a gem you are and what a mistake they made by leaving you. And you may be asking why it is worth it to take some of them back. And I would say that they have come to realize what you guys had together. The love that kept you guys together. If these people, could be brave enough to realize and acknowledge their wrongdoings and try to fight for your love, then there is a big chance that they would do whatever it takes to protect the relationship next time.

It shows that they have finally come to see the light. There is something about someone repenting of their wrongdoings and then trying to change or undo what they have previously done out of ignorance or sheer mischief. So far as they are genuinely ready to change, then I would advise that you take them in. It would be a lot better to do that than throwing the dice in search of someone new. Someone who may not see the value in you at a glance.

But in all, your situation is unique to you and use your intuition to decide whether you want them back into your life or not.

I will close with reminding you that you are a person of value who is worth loving in spite of who walks in or out of your life. Be you in all your full glory.

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