13 Signs That You Are Being Followed By A Ghost

Have you ever had a feeling of being watched?

Have you been in situations that made you feel like you saw some kind of shadow or heard some kind of noise?

Or has there been a sudden drop in temperature around you and you can’t seem to find the cause for that?

Then you might be in the presence of some type of spiritual being.

Seeing things just out of the corner of your eyes, and feeling like you have company in an empty room, are just one of the signs that you are followed by a ghost.

Having to wear a jacket or seek warmth even when your environment is warm already can be a big sign.

Also hearing voices and seeing images that you sometimes doubt to be reality can be a big sign that you are stalked by a spiritual being.

These experiences shouldn’t be disregarded as something that isn’t relevant.

As much as the supernatural hasn’t had a strong case for its existence, a lot of events that occur in our everyday lives continuously point to the reality of the paranormal.

Although very little progress has been made to prove the supernatural using scientific methods and tools such as pressure and temperature sensors, cameras, etc. it seems that our brains catch on a lot faster to the energies emitted from the other world.

Could this be one of the many capabilities of our brains we have yet to discover?

As of the moment, it does look like we haven’t advance scientifically to such a level that we can truly make sense of what is actually going on.

And this statement is made following the bewilderment of critics (often scientist) who try to make sense of the experiences of witnesses.

And so, to be on the safe side, it is important that you seek an experienced head when it comes to certain issues such as the one we talk about in this article.

And now, without any further ado, let’s get to the 13 signs that show that you are with a ghost.

1. A gentle breeze, a soft voice.

Have you ever been sitting back at home (alone) only to notice some gentle breeze go round you — on a humid and windless day?

And while this is going on, you also hear a voice speak in a soft tone?

Or, having the breeze break stuff or slam doors and windows?

If this incident happens on a frequent basis, then this should be looked into.

2. You’ve got company

So you are home alone, and you decide to watch some TV, read a book or listen to music.

But as you consume whatever type of entertainment you choose, you begin to have this weird feeling that you have company — even when you are alone at home.

You also notice that you’re physiologically responding to some kind of energy or presence in the room.

Some of these reactions include having waves of goosebumps go through your body.

Or having the hairs on the back of your neck rise.

Also, another experience you could be having at this point is you feeling like someone is sitting right next to you or looking over your shoulder.

But whenever you turn to see that person, you just see nothing.

Well, that could mean that a supernatural personality is in that vicinity.

3. Something touched you.

This isn’t a very nice experience — most of the time. Having something invisible tug at your clothing or touch, you could mean that some spirit is interested in you.

As to what it wants from you, that would be a whole other story.

But as for the experience itself, one can say that is one that sends chills down one’s spine.

You see, these physical contact could include; having one pull on your clothing, hold your arm (often that arm is cold) or just a gentle brush of your skin.

And all the while, you can’t see who is doing that.

4. Calling you

As with most of these signs, this one could have you thinking that you need to get your head checked.

You hear someone call your name, and then you answer only to find out that no one actually called you.

This call could be as low as a whisper or as loud as shout — like someone is mad at you.

You have to know that this is one-way spirits communicate with people in the physical world. Although it is one mode of communication that can consume a lot of energy.

Some spirit is trying to get your attention.

Yes. I know. This can be scary.

5. Too cool

Whenever you notice that you are having weird differences in temperature in your home, then that could mean that a spiritual being is habiting your home.

You see, you could also notice that one part of your house is always cold and the air there feels heavy whenever you step into that part of the house.

At other times, stepping into that room could make you feel like you are being weighed down.

6. You are having to deal with things disappearing for a while and reappearing somewhere else.


Now, we all know that we can misplace our things.

You know, like having to look for the remote to switch channels. But when you have items that you hardly move around go missing and then reappearing at other odd parts of the house, then some spiritual being is trying to make you uncomfortable and nervous.

7. Stranger things at the fringes of your vision.

When you begin to see shadows that seem to always elude you when you look for them, then you could have something on your hands.

Usually, your brain could interpret this as something too unnatural to deal with, and so it dismisses it as the figment of your imagination.

Or you might suddenly feel eerie about that and may even leave the room immediately.

Any which way, having such shadows at your place could mean that a supernatural being is with you.

8. There have been strange mists or unexplained darkness obscuring your field of view

Having dark spots in one’s field of vision or having some type of mist surround someone but then disappear as fast as it did appear, could point to the fact that ghosts are trying to contact you.

This medium of communication can be very energy sapping.

9. Batteries conk out soon after you buy them

Supernatural beings are energy sapping beings. And so whenever they are in a certain environment, all gadgets that use electrical energy begin to falter as the ghost saps them of energy.

Now, you may have noticed this in your home whenever you bought a new battery; it would suddenly be drained.

10. Your appliances operate themselves.

You notice the flickering of bulbs or the involuntary switching off and on of one’s electrical appliances.

Accompanied with the radio behaving in a certain way that seems strange.

TV channels flipping involuntarily and showing very weird messages.

All these are signs of a spirit’s presence.

11. Loud, unsettling sounds all over the house.

This is just another way spirits can be felt. Whenever you hear loud sounds of things falling or doors slamming, and when you rush to that area of the house, everything is in place, then you could be feeling the energy of a ghost. You should be alert and vigilant.

12. Your pets fighting nothingness

You see, animals do have the ability to spot a supernatural presence. They can also become restless hours or days before a certain tragedy occurs — such as an earthquake, a family member’s misfortune and more.

Whenever they get aggressive or aggravated by seemingly empty space, then there is most likely more to that empty space that meets the eye.

Be careful.

13. You’ve seen them.

When all other ways of getting your attention have been exhausted, the ghost could show itself.

And that can be the most unnerving thing that could happen to you. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night only to see someone at your doorway staring directly at you.

These spirits could be friendly or deadly, and usually, their appearance says it all.

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