Incredible Women Usually Have The Worst Dating Lives – Here’s Why

Dating is a bit like life; you never know what hand you will be dealt. Getting into a new relationship is always an adventure and exciting because you can’t tell if he would be the one or just another in a long line of douchebags. In matters of relationship and dating, there are two types of women; the first group is made up of those women who get all the luck in dating. They somehow manage to land the cutest, most caring and amazing guys every time. The second group is populated by the “unlucky ones” in love. Somehow they always end up in bad relationships regardless of how careful they are. There is no special thing that the women in the first group do or have that makes them to always land in awesome relationships, and neither do the women in the second group lack anything which causes them to somehow end up with disastrous relationships. On the contrary, these women in the latter group should be ideal for dating awesome guys because of the qualities they possess. Notable among those qualities is a fierce independence, a somewhat intimidating intelligence, and they are most often than not very sexy. So how is it that with all these qualities, they somehow end up in disastrous relationships? Surprisingly enough, you would be shocked to know that the same wonderful qualities which should make them very desirable are the cause of their “bad luck” in love. Now the question is, how and why is it so? Keep reading to understand why their very redeeming qualities are also the architects of their bad relationships.

1. They are intimidating to men

Nothing separates the boys from the real men like an intimidating woman. Most men truly do not know how to handle an intimidating woman much less enter a relationship with her. Independence in a woman puts off most men because somehow they get the notion that a woman who cuts an intimidating figure would be a mouthy woman or would have a good knowledge of what she likes in a relationship. Well, it does look like a mask to cover up the fact that they are afraid of failing in comparison to her in everything. Their fragile egos would feel so much better being in a relationship with a woman that they can lord it over.

2. The independence of these women is a tangible thing, and they would not be giving it up for any man.

Men generally have huge but fragile egos on them, and that ego demands that a woman be dependent on them for most things. The Alpha males, in particular, born with the gene to protect and provide would have a hard time being in a relationship with such a woman who oozes independence from every pore on her body. It would be an insult to their male egos. As for the other men who lack self-confidence, being with a woman who might seem like they don’t need them would crush their self-esteem. Surprising but true, apparently their self-esteem is tied to a girls neediness factor. The truth is they have an inherent need to be needed for protection and provision, and so they can’t stand being in a relationship with a self-sufficient and reliant woman.

3. These women can have a strong douchebag radar.

These days douchebags come we’ll dressed, successful and ultra handsome and most women find themselves falling. But these women do not fall for that. It seems like their jerk radar is always on an all-time high. They easily sniff out guys who are likely to make for a toxic relationship and don’t get involved with them. The men themselves also stay away from a woman that can peg them within a few minutes of meeting them. Many women would love to have such sensitive feelings, but on the dark side, it does have its disadvantages, you could dismiss a good guy simply because he might have behaved like a jerk the first time you met him because you have zero tolerance for bullshit.

4. They do not take bullshit from any man.

The women who belong to this second group have such a high level of self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-worth that they do not and would not settle for less than they are worth and it is the reason why they would never let a guy play any games on them. They would be on him like white on rice. It is a very significant gift for all women, being able to figure out when your boyfriend is lying or cheating on you but for the men a curse. Most men do not want to date these type of women because they would not like their every move to be transparent to her.

5. They have their special quirks and are proud of them.

Everyone has a quirk of nature. That one thing that seems weird to other people but is your thing. All remarkable women do have their quirky sides that make them stand out from other women even more. Many men have a problem being with a woman who is so full of self-confidence that she dances to her own rhythm no matter what people say. These girls are impulsive and do not fit the mold that most men have for women, and this keeps the men at a loss as to how to deal with them. So most often than not, they prefer not to deal with them at all.

6. They know what they are worth and do not settle for less.

The consensus is that picky women are judgemental or are holding out for a fantasy that will never come into existence. However, that is not the case at all. Women who are picky are so because they know what they want and would not settle for less than that. They know that they are worth more than something or some people and would only go for someone who is deserving of them and who can match them in every way possible. So for the men who think that she is holding out for a fairytale, think again. They might have turned you down because they deserved better than what you had to offer.

7. They live life with great energy and enthusiasm.

Most often than not being intense has been used in a negative and derogatory manner meant to make the person being addressed feel like they are dramatic. Women, as a rule, do things more intensely than their male counterparts. They love more intensely, cry more intensely, feel more intensely and generally live life more intensely than most men. They attack everything with so much gusto, energy, and enthusiasm and it can be a bit too much for their partner especially if he is of the staid variety. An extremely intense woman would most probably not be his ideal woman.

8. They have dreams, goals and plans to get there

To be honest, not many women wake up every morning with goals and dreams that do not include going out to dinner with a new guy, going clubbing with their friends, or landing a new guy. Inconsequential things. On the other hand, very few women wake up motivated for another day of achieving laid out plans and goals. These women are more interested in reaching their goals than getting into a relationship. They are all about getting themselves to the next level, being at the top of their games, impacting the lives of other people, making huge leaps in their careers, learning new things, visiting new places and just generally living life to the fullest. They don’t have time for men who aren’t all about what they love.

9. They are more mature than other women.

To find women in this day and age who have a strong sense of maturity is a bit difficult. These women are capable of keeping a level head in the face of crisis, have an admirable good attitude to life and other people, and move with grace and awareness of themselves. They do not base their self-worth on someone else’s opinion or views. They do not need to be complimented for them to feel good because they are aware of themselves. They also do not engage themselves in petty behaviors, nor do they have any vindictive behavior aimed at tearing down fellow women. These qualities can be an aphrodisiac to men as well as a repellent to men who are not mature or who cannot handle a mature woman.

10. They love fully and deeply.

These self-sufficient, bold, hardworking, intense and intimidating women are quite notorious for loving fully and deeply. No half jobs for them. While most men would be expected to love this, they can actually get a bit terrified of such all-encompassing love.

11. They are as rare as diamonds and guys do not easily find them.

Although most guys may not want to date these awesome women because they can’t handle their awesomeness, there are strong men well equipped with the skills of handling these equally strong women, but unfortunately, they can’t find them. Good things most times come in small quantities and these women are the same. They are very rare diamonds in a world of polished stones, and it can be hard to find them unattached.

From this article, what group of women do you belong to? Is it the former or the latter group? Shout out to all incredible women. Keep being amazing. 

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