‘Rage Yoga’ Uses Beer And Cursing To Release Stress

In the last couple of years it appears that yoga has enlarged in practice to incorporate a multiple of variants like hot yoga, beer yoga and yoga together with creatures, etc.. Whatever you are into it is safe to say you will find something to meet your requirements. A recent addition to the yoga family is your brand new cursing yoga, and this will be offering courses in Houston, Texas.

Instructor Ashley Duzich is your mind of Rage Yoga, in which course entails yelling, cursing, and stretching while you drink a beer. In case you’ve got pent-up anxiety, deep-seeded anger, or simply total strain then that is the best class. The whole focus of this session will be to let loose and eliminate unwanted emotions.

However, if what you are looking for is peace and quiet, then this may not be for you personally as Dutch motivates her pupils to become anything but silent and to just yell whatever they desire. It is held twice per month in the Brash Brewery. Participants are discouraged from bringing kids along, but they’re more than welcome to bring their puppies — as if it couldn’t get any better.

Duzich explains that the yoga world is all about creating unity with yourself in the form of a total balance of mind, body, and soul. She feels that sometimes that unification gets achieved through shouting and letting everything out. It makes sense, we normally feel better after letting things out. If anyone is in the Houston area, does this sound like something you’d want to try?

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