Kindergarten Principal Fired For Pole Dancing During Welcome Ceremony

A kindergarten principal in China was dismissed after she welcomed students back to the new school year with a pole dance viewing of herself. Parents and kids in the Xinshahui Kindergarten at Shenzhen were shocked because of the pole dancer…I mean, school chief, conducted a routine on the flagpole, situated outside in the school’s courtyard. Many parents recorded the dance, where you can clearly see the pole, the Chinese flag, and a woman turning around dancing in the air. The videos are currently going viral on social media displaying her “excellent abilities”.

Primary Lai Rong said there was 500 children ranging from 3-6-year-old along with 100 parents in attendance. The event is part of a service commemorating the beginning of a brand new school year in China, that’s the first Monday in September. Every year, the faculty, located in the southern province of Guangdong, holds a special service to welcome the pupils and their families and encourage alumni or the main to give inspirational speeches.

Parents called the situation a”dreadful viewing experience” and threatened to take their kids from the school. Several stated this is not the first time an ‘improper’ issue has occured during the year. This past year, based on Shenzhen-based journalist Michael Standaert, the faculty had 10 times of army ‘actions’ and shows of machine gun and mortar in the doorway. The dad expressed his concern through his Twitter accounts, stating the dancing was the last straw because he’s currently intending to take his kids from the school. The author said if his wife called the very first to complain about her activities, she hung up after saying it had been”great exercise”.

In a statement, the local education bureau stated an investigation had found a pole dancing business had been invited into the kindergarten to perform. The statement added that the district believes the actions were not appropriate and the school has been asked to apologize to the students and the parents. Safe to say the school has a new principal, now.

Well, this is certainly a way to welcome students back to school. At least Ms. Lai can open up her own pole dancing business now, right?

This post was originally published on September 4, 2018.

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