Its Simple To Spot A Liar, Here Are 10 Clear Signs That They Are Lying To You

If there is one thing that most people in the world hate collectively, it is telling lies. No one likes being lied to and feeling the shame that comes with knowing that someone just played you a fast one. Lies are terrible things, and it is one of the worst things to have as a trait. A liar would do anything. They can steal, kill and do pretty much any other negative thing that you can think of. Come to think of it, one thing that dangerous mental disorders such as the Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Sociopathy, and psychopaths have in common is that they tell lies and in most cases are described as pathological liars. Apart from the fact that lies are just terrible and make the person being lied to feel very foolish, they destroy a lot of things.

Let’s take a look. Relationships break up because a partner cheated after promising to be faithful which turned out to be a lie. Business associations have been destroyed by one lie. Alliances and friendships get destroyed by lies. One thing about liars is that, once they lie and are caught in that lie, they would never regain whatever level of trust they had with that person and forever they would always be seen as liars. Now the ironic part comes. As much as we hate lies and bash them at every given opportunity, we lie. You might come up with the argument that the intentions behind the lie are what matters. That might be true for the gray areas, but the truth remains that a good lie or a bad lie, an untruth is an untruth. We don’t just lie to other people, we even sometimes find ourselves lying to ourselves. It’s part of our human nature to lie even if we hate liars but for the purpose of this article, the lies that we allude to are lies told with the intention of hurting or deceiving someone.

So, we all hate lies, and we all also hate liars, but we also get lied to almost every day and so one day I thought that it would be wonderful if we could have a means of knowing when someone was telling an untruth other than the polygraph I mean. What if we could spot a lie a mile away? It would save me some time, energy and heartbreak. Well, some lucky percentage of people in the world can and do spot lies quickly but they are a small percentage, and so the larger part of people in this world are unable to spot a lie. So, I have written this article today to help you with a few tips that can save you a lot of heartbreak, sadness, and pain. In it are 10 very easily noticed signs or tells that can quickly clue you into the fact that they are telling a lie.


Ha! I can imagine you recalling all the lies that you can remember and recognizing this tell. This is one of the most common and most visual tells of all the general tells that liars have. If someone is trying to tell you something and they frequently raise their hands or their fingers towards the vicinity of their mouth almost as if they are trying not to let the words come out.


Although this is a textbook sign that someone really is trying to tell you lies, I feel like it developed from being told over and over again that a liar does not maintain eye contact with the person he is lying to. So now instead of having shifty eyes, liars instead stare too hard right into your own eyes practically the entire time that they are telling you lies. Perhaps such an intense stare is somehow meant to convince you that they are not lying if they can stare right into your eyes while talking sort of like you won’t believe that they are lying if they can look right into your eyes while talking. Well, don’t fall for it. If someone stares into your eyes 70 to 90 percent of the time he was talking to you; then it is a sure sign that they are telling you a lie. A truthful person would also make occasional eye contact with you while talking but would not be as intense as a liar.


It is a red flag that announces a lie when someone who is trying to convince you of something is blinking too much almost as if a bug got caught in his eye. Researchers think that blinking that many times in a row is an indication of the stress that they are under trying to convince you enough to believe in whatever falsehood they are feeding you. They’re over blinking could also be as a result of the fact that they are trying to get you to believe them and also because they might feel uncomfortable with the lies that they are telling you. Just be on guard for that extra blinking when someone is talking to you.


This is a ploy for them to keep your attention mainly on their hand gestures and not on their words so that you might not be able to pinpoint a discrepancy in what they say or be able to quickly notice any loopholes. The gesture could be made using their hands such as pointing or waving their arms or even swinging them. Any repeated action that can snag your attention would be welcomed. They can also make use of verbal gestures that might include repeating certain words or phrases to keep you entranced while they feed you a pot full of lies. Sometimes they can also use the physical gesture to deflect the blame from them if they begin to sense that you have caught them in their lies


What is the first rule of lying successfully? Don’t include too many details because they are easy to forget and you can be caught in your lie if the details don’t match. Well, practically everyone knows that fewer details or vague details equaled a lie. Apparently, so do the liars, and as we have been able to establish with the freaky attention stare, they are very quick to adapt and drop some of their tells to avoid being caught. Now, they provide too many details about the subject they are trying to lie to you about so that you would be deceived into believing them because they have details. Don’t be deceived; the game has changed, more details equal lies.


Restlessness is one of the oldest, most tried and true methods of figuring out that someone is feeding you a line of bullshit. Somehow no matter how much many liars would love to ditch this particular tell they can’t. The only people who might not be able to display this tell are sociopaths, narcissists, and psychopaths and this is because they do not feel any form of remorse for telling that lie.

But for other people whose consciences still prick them about lying to people, they are often restless. Their restlessness can be manifested in the following things. Twisting their rings around their fingers, as if with their bracelet, scuffing their shoes, removing imaginary lint from their clothes, dab to the sweat that has collected on their brow and play with their fingers. Watch out for these signs to avoid being taken for a ride.


Another thing to look for in liars is any form of discomfort. It is a clear sign that they are uncomfortable because of the stress of having to convince you of a lie. They become physically agitated showing signs of anxiety such as swallowing saliva because their mouths and throat have been made dry due to their anxiety and fear of being caught. Some of these signs of discomfort include constantly licking their lips in a bid to make it wet; they would almost constantly scratch their necks or clear their throats.


Our words and our actions coordinate almost every single time we talk which is why if you think sometimes when you want to say ‘whatever’ you might also end up waving your hand in that whatever gesture. Or perhaps you want to tell someone that you don’t know the answer to whatever question they might have asked you, you might find yourself saying ‘I don’t know ‘and at the same spraying your arms wide in the universal ‘I don’t know’ gesture. In these two cases, both the physical gestures and the spoken word coordinated perfectly. For liars, something else happens when they try to match their words with their physical gestures. They don’t match because what they say isn’t what they mean. For instance, you could ask them if they know about a certain thing but they would tell you, yes, only other have their hands tell you ‘I don’t know.’


Subconsciously, the body of a liar would try to sabotage them while they lie and you can only figure it out when paying very close attention to their body language. One of the ways through which the liar’s body gives him out is through his voice. Even the person telling a lie might not really recognize that something has changed, but if you are very close to the person, a change in the voice will clue you into the fact that they were lying to you. Some of the voice changes include a slight change in pitch, which most times increases a bit, a once fluent person might stammer when he is telling lies because the brain actually had to go over facts that it did not know of.

Another tell is that the liar might be speaking a lot more slowly than he used to or a lot louder than he used to. What you need to know is that the tone of his voice undergoes a turn. Other tells include the visible signs of agitation and pauses before giving answers to questions almost like they were trying to make sure that they wouldn’t give themselves out with what they say.


Like I said before, the liar’s body attacks him even as his mind attacks him to cause him to give out too many signs that could clue an observant person into the fact that they are telling lies. When a person lies they are often filled with the fear of being caught, and their blood pressures rise because of the stress. In addition to that, the anxiety that they go through causes them to perspire more and display signs of agitation. So all you really have to do to catch a liar is to pay attention to them and their bodies.

If you pay very close attention to certain bodily movements such as the pitch and tone of the voice, the movement of the limbs, the physical signs of agitation, and the intensity of their eye contact, you would be able to discover the sincerity of their words. You won’t become very adept at doing this from the beginning so you would need to practice and hone your skills of observation to better help you spot the liars. Watch out carefully for the signs that were outlined in this article because they are very noticeable and they would help you as a beginner to spot as many liars as possible. You would also need to learn other more complex signs, but for now, these obvious ones would have to do.

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