10 Phrases Every Man Secretly Wants To Hear, Even If You Don’t Believe It…

Women are known to be all mushy and into their feelings a lot. They easily get emotional and don’t see anything weird about letting their feelings show or breaking down as a result of an overflow of emotions. This translates into their relationships as they love to constantly talk about their feelings. They also expect certain things from their significant others which usually includes compliments.

But when it comes to men, the opposite is the case. You find it very rare to see a man who gets emotional at the slightest thing or cries to a particularly emotional scene in a movie. Most men just don’t get in touch with their feelings, it makes them feel very uncomfortable and most times would only do any emotional stuff for their significant others. However, it might come as a shock to you that men want all the same things we women want in a relationship even if they are not vocal about it. They want to be coddled and comforted and complimented; they just don’t say anything about it.

In this article, I will be sharing with you 10 things that you did not know your boyfriend needs or wants from your relationship. He would not tell you but watch his expression when you do any other things for him; he’ll not only be ecstatic, he would also be very grateful. Most importantly, this knowledge when used would further your relationship and deepen the emotional intimacy you share with your partner.


Use nice endearments for your partner. Now reply. You would be shocked at how much nearer he would hold you when you do these things for him. Some of the general ones are the endearments such as darling, baby, my love, sweetheart, and others. Speaking in a soothing voice would also get them every time.


Just as women love to know and feel someone’s love for them, a man also needs to feel the same. He might not let it slip that he wants to be told but then he wants to, and when you do that, he feels so good inside of himself. Letting him know includes telling him that you love him just out of the blue and not when he takes you out to dinner, or does something for you or calls you or after sex. Tell him you love him when he least expects it while watching a movie or doing the laundry or just taking an evening stroll. Let him know that you care, and he would appreciate it immensely. In addition to this, he would feel. Very happy and by extension, you would too.


Most times it is a woman who wants to be told that she is beautiful and that’s OK, but then men also like to be told and want to be told that they are good looking. It lets them know that their partner admires them. Just like when a woman spends a lot of time making up to look very good for a particular event and expects to be told that she did good or that she looks good, so also does a man spend a lot of time before the taking time of his toilette and making sure that he looks good. And at the end of the day a simple, “OH baby you look so good” would go a long way to making them feel appreciated. Just as women want their efforts to be noticed and appreciated, the menfolk do too. They usually appreciate it a lot when their significant others notice the little details such as the Cologne they wore or the shoe or the shirt. They want to feel as if you do pay attention to them, and complimenting them is a surefire way to prove that you do.


Women like it when their partners compliment a part of them, such as the silliness of their hair, their breasts, and their hands. It shows that their partners pay attention to the little details that make them up. It goes a long way to show that they really do take their time to study their partners. It is the same with a man, if you love your significant others arms, then compliment him on it, if you love his abs do the same. It would make him feel special and loved.


Let them know that they have not only become a large part of your life, but they also play a huge role in it too. Compliment the things they do for you like make you breakfast because you are running late or he brews your coffee just in the way you like it. Let him know that that singular action of his made an impact in your life. Once in a while after a particularly nice gesture, you might let him know you appreciate all the things he has been doing for you by saying “What would I do without you?” This question does not demand an answer, but then it lets your partner know how important he is to you.

Letting him know that he is an important person in your life and that you appreciate all the little gestures of love he has been making on tour behalf.


If a man loves you one of his favorite things in the world is his significant other’s laughs and smiles. Because he loves it, he would do anything to make sure that he puts that smile on your face very often. To this effect, appreciate his hard work and let him know that you appreciate all the smiles that he has put on your face and that you are a very lucky girl to have such a funny partner. These compliments keep them on their toes as they try to make you laugh even more.


Many people date for years and years without feeling that special attraction or chemistry. Your partner should be able to incite the butterflies to flutter in your stomach; he should be able to invoke a special feeling that stays with you even after he has gone. Letting him know that he invoked really strong feelings for you makes him feel much better and appreciated by you.


The smell of a man can draw you in, and it can likewise send you running. There is just something about a man who wears Cologne that gets many girls Gaga. The smell of a man can sometimes hold a girl captive as she snuggles into that valley below the crook on his neck. If his Cologne is wonderful, let him know that you enjoy the scent of his Cologne. In addition to the Cologne, there is also the issue of a man’s personal scent. Everyone has a personal scent and if your man’s personal scent does it for you, tell him. Let him know you appreciate his grooming methods.


One of the things that relationships are based on is safety. If a woman does not feel safe with her significant other, then she should not be in any relationship with him. A woman has to feel safe with her partner before she can fall in love with him. Safety is one of the most important things to consider in every relationship you enter, and you felt safe and cared for then maybe telling your significant other would be a good idea. It makes them feel very brave and happy. Letting them know that you are comfortable in their presence also gives their self-confidence a boost.


A man wants to know that his significant other see him as a man’s man and not an immature little kid. They want to be complimented on their beards and their manly voice and their sense of dressing.

They don’t want to hear that they acted like a kid or that they look decidedly feminine or that they lost to me, me. In case you forget, one of every man’s dream is to be manly and exude masculinity. Tell him that he is the man you have always dreamed of, let him know you see him as the top dog even in the presence of other males.

From this article, it’s easy to see that even the most unnoticed and insignificant things actually do make a lot of difference with them and even the smallest insignificant compliment turns out to be the most appreciated. Appreciate your man today instead of always wanting to be appreciated. Let him know that you notice even the smallest changes and that you appreciate his efforts a lot. Let him know that you care; a little compliment would make both him and you very happy.

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