Son of Pastor who Lost His Life to Rattlesnake, thinking Jesus Would Save Him, is Also Bitten

Seven minutes after being bitten by a snake, thinking Jesus would save him from the bite, a pastor passed away.

Now, his son is suffering from a serious wound as well, needing to undergo emergency treatment after suffering from the specific same harm that his father experienced.

Cody Coots, the son of this guy who passed away inquired if his congregation would go with him to a mountaintop where “God would judge whether he lives or dies.”

In defiance of his wishes to be”judged by God,” instead a follower in his hometown chose him into the hospital after he had been bitten by a snake he was managing, to sort of test himself and his position by God.

He almost lost his life because physicians report the snake bite he sustained came extremely close to severing his temporal artery, which definitely would have taken his life.

As you can see, in the middle of this sermon he allowed the snake to bite him.

Big Cody, the man who transported him to the hospital said “Most people bit in the face are dead in five, ten minutes. I mean, his own daddy got bit in the hand and within seven minutes was dead.”

In 2014 at the very same Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus’ Name church in Middlesboro, Kentucky, his father Jamie Coots passed away at the fairly young age of 42 after being bitten by a rattlesnake, thinking Jesus would save him.

According to Metro:

“The church is inspired by the biblical verse Mark 16:18: ‘They will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them.’

Pastor Cody can be seen with blood all over his shirt before he is rushed to hospital. He’s now started to re-evaluate his life and faith in wake of his brush with death.”

This tradition goes back so much farther than you might have thought. For more than a hundred decades, snake-handling Christian churches are present in the Appalachian Mountain region of the USA.

At the young age of 23, Cody became the leader of the church after his dad passed away from that snake bite. He became the fourth largest generation to take up that snake-handling practice.

It kind of makes this clinic more commendable once you consider just how much history is behind it, and if you examine the conclusion on the faces of these individuals. Call it crazy if you want, and it is definitely unnecessarily, extremely insecure, but they seem to be very content to believe what they believe.

Cody himself said:

“When the Bible says serpents, it means a poisonous snake. When the old man got bit he died within probably 10 minutes, it’s a nasty bite. Every time he’d ever got bitten, I’d never seen him drop a snake. And I’ve seen the snake hit the floor I thought, “We’ll just take him home”.

He walked back to the bathroom and the last words he did say to me was, “My face feels like it’s on fire”. I stepped out of the bathroom and then I heard a scream and when I went back there he just went limp.”

If these people respected you for however you were, would you respect them? They seem respectable enough to me, regardless of what they believe.

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