Meet The Plus-Size Woman Who Eats 10,000 Calories A Day On Camera For Her Online Fans

The 25-Year-Old fetish model seems to have gained a massive amount of followers on social media. She uploads live videos of herself indulging upon well over 10,000 calories per video

Amanda Faye is from southern California and recently became greatly engaged with a fetish called “feederism” claimed to be because she had a boyfriend who loved to watch women gain weight.

Having been wanting for a majority of her life to eliminating weight in an attempt to be liked by her peers, Amanda realized her spouse’s admiration for her bigger frame gave her a significant self-esteem boost.

Inspired by her boyfriend, she sought other outlets to discuss her overeating. She started on Debbie, a social media for feedees and feeders, then created her own Tumblr webpage and Instagram account. Shortly, she had gathered over 50,000 followers and has managed to flip her binge eating right into a source of revenue.

Amanda now makes most of her cash via paid promotions on Instagram and Patreon, charging $10 for access to all her videos and photos, $20 for access to her Snapchat and $50 for a FaceTime call.

Commenting on her career in a recent interview, Amanda stated:

“I get the typical insults – fat cow, Shamu, like the killer whale, or lard a*se. I’m a very positive person, so I generally ignore it, or leave a playful comment back. Body positivity is such a controversial topic and no matter what I say, there will always be people with their swords drawn, ready to fight me on this, so I’ll keep it simple – everybody and everybody is beautiful. There shouldn’t be any shame in celebrating that, from hairy legs to flat tummies and back rolls to saggy breasts.

“I was shy about feederism at first. But, as time went on, it felt more like my calling and slowly but surely, I fell in love with the community … I do stuffing videos, where I eat massive amounts of food, funnel feeding videos, where I funnel down liquids through a tube and weight gain shake chug, where I down large amounts of liquid in little time, so my belly looks even more swollen. This is all as well as other fat fetish content, including fantasy talk or playing with my belly.”

She added:

“I get tonnes of interesting questions and requests when it comes to food. I feel the most popular food people enjoy seeing me eat is Taco Bell, burgers and fruit … One guy paid me to eat 13 pears and crack open a coconut to drink its milk while half-naked on camera. I love creative and interesting ideas, so my job is never boring. Personally, I don’t find it difficult to maintain my size for my followers. I’m naturally a bigger girl, so as long as I continue to eat well, I easily stay fluffy and gain for my fans.”

However, Amanda is not a new comer to experiencing the full force of the trolls of the internet. She stated that her loving fans and feeders love, more than makes up for all the negativity that comes from the trolls. Amanda strongly believes that she is encouraging body positivity.

“As long as you’re being true to yourself,” she says, “nothing else matters.”

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