Bill Cosby Has Been Moved To A General Population Cell At Pennsylvania Prison

Bill Cosby entered the overall population last month in the Pennsylvania prison in which he is serving three or more decades and has been “treated just the same as any other inmate,” a state corrections spokeswoman said.

Cosby, 81, has been transferred January 28 and is currently in one cell without a cell mate, that is typical for its center, said Amy Worden, media secretary to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.

Cosby’s unit homes offenders of varying ages and it is not a geriatric unit. Worden would not state wherein the prison he is being held.

Cosby formerly was held in a single cell in a section completely adjacent to the infirmary. While there, he was not able to move as freely around the prison as other inmates.

The comedian once called “America’s Dad” has been found guilty last year of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004 at his home near Philadelphia. In the State Correctional Institute at Phoenix, he is recorded as Inmate No. NN7687.

Cosby’s spokesman said he spent some time with Cosby last week and maintained that the comic is not in general people.

“He made it clear that he’s not in general population but has contact with a trustee that guides him around,” Andrew Wyatt said Thursday.
“He does not eat in the area with other residents, he does not have a cell-mate, and he does not exercise with other residents,” Wyatt said. “Thus meaning that Mr. Cosby is not in general population because that would be detrimental to his safety and security, due to his blindness.”
In response, Worden said Wyatt misunderstood what general population means, and she confirmed Cosby is in a unit within the prison’s general population.

7 cell checks a day

“High profile inmates” are generally kept apart from the general public before the prison superintendent makes the decision to incorporate them, Worden stated, noting that integration is the desired end result.

Worden stated she did not understand the details of this current decision to incorporate Cosby.

The general population cells in which Cosby has been held are arrayed in 2 stories around a central “day space,” where offenders can speak, watch TV or play cards, Worden said.

Cosby, who has eyesight issues and has been escorted to and out of the courtroom during his trial, has people to assist him as needed, she said.

Like most of other general population inmates, Cosby has to be accounted for in his mobile seven times every day.

The prison in Collegeville is about 30 miles northwest of Philadelphia and not far from the Montgomery County courthouse where Cosby stood trial. The SCI Phoenix facility had an inmate population of 2,403 people as of the end of December.
Source: CNN

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