A Group Of Chimpanzees Built A Ladder To Escape From Zoo

Chimpanzees and indeed other members of the ape family as well have long been considered as the closest relative of humans and have always been viewed as one of the most intelligent species in the animal kingdom only trumped by the human race. However, this recent act may prove their intellect goes above and beyond what anybody had once expected.

What happened?

Following a storm at a Belfast zoo, a bunch of chimpanzees managed to make the most of a fallen tree within their enclosure. Apparently being bored with their restricted living corridors, the sneaky chimps managed to design a makeshift ladder from a tree branch and use it to climb a steep rock wall at the border of the enclosure to create a fast escape. The entire escapade was recorded by Danielle Monaghan, who’d been visiting the zoo at the time with her loved ones. Have a peek at it at the video below. In the video, the chimps can be seen climbing up on to the peak of the wall and walking across it.

What happened ?

In a declaration, Monaghan stated she had been petrified, clearly having the children and trying to not show fear before them but inside she was really worried about what could happen if a monkey strikes or attempts to take one of the children.

According to reports, a few of the chimps were afterwards seen coming out of the bush’s and onto a public footpath, though, lots of them just remained where they had been on the wall. Fortunately, nobody was hurt and the creatures ended up returning into the enclosure from themselves without inducing any hassle

How common is this?

This is the second escape in the space of a month for the zoo with a red panda managing to escape its enclosure back in January before eventually being found less than a mile away in someone’s garden. That said, it’s still a highly unusual event. Even though there is the natural curious¬†nature¬†of chimpanzees, the zoo has reassured the public that Belfast Zoo is fully committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all the visitors and they have also taken extra measures to ensure accidents like this don’t happen again and if they do, there will be contingency plans.

Understandably, this would have been a distressing time for everyone involved, especially the visitors who came face to face with such a powerful animal. Despite this, it is still quite an experience that should be treasured. After all, how many people can say they witnessed a group of chimps escapes at the zoo? Even if there’s nothing to take away from all of this, it’s still a very cool story to tell at the next family dinner.

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