10 Things 80s Kids Remember From School!

Yes we all know we’re supposed to be there to find out things, and a few of us did — but what we obtained up to this we weren’t supposed to do, form the best memories of our school years. No 80s school children can overlook playing kiss chase, shooting paper spitballs throughout your bic pencil and nearly taking somebody’s eye out with a paperclip. If you recall doing these things then you are going to love this recount of 10 things we did in school!

1. Paper Fortune Teller

We all spend a great amount of time making these and then righting the numbers and answer on them. Spent more time on this than school work… But we all needed to know our future right?

2. Calculator Tricks

A girl of 13(type 13 into calculator) was a bra size 84 (type in 84) and wanted to be a 45(now 45). She went to the doctor and the doctor said “Oh”(Type in 0). “Take these tablets 2 (2…) times(x/Times/Multiply) a day but she took them 4 (4) and ended up…(Turn calculator upside down) or something like that!

3. Pencil Case Wars

We always had to have the best pencil case out of everyone

4. Granny’s Garden

Oh I have spent so many hours playing this game

5. Compatibility Test

The only way to find out if you two will make a good couple or not.

6. Note Passing

Before texting this is how we passed a message and every once in a while we would get caught and the teacher would read the message out loud.

7. Covering Your Text Books

all the hours wasted making the books look better.

8. Bubble Writing

It was very important to have the best Bubble Writing out of all your friends!

9. Eraser Collection

Because you could never have enough right?!

10. Shirt Signing – school kid

We all did this on the last day didn’t wee?

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